Friday, September 30, 2011

For Fuck's Sake Friday: Girl ... friends.

Today's "For Fuck's Sake Friday" is brought to you by grapes. Why because grapes are fucking confusing. Why are they so confusing, because they are so versatile.
Just look at that grapeyness... 
You can have frozen grapes as a nice refreshing summer afternoon snack. You can have seedless grapes, white grapes, or the regular kind. Then there is grape soda, grape juice, and if you leave grape juice long enough you can have wine. Then there are special types of wine like ice wine or champagne. What makes this so confusing? The fact that every single way you can eat a grape it tastes different. What the fuck is up with that?

Today's post may indeed be brought to you by grapes but that isn't what it is about.

Some "Life of an Anti-hero" update news because even if you aren't curious this is for posterity. I took the job offer to my current employer who agreed to match it if I stay. After a little deliberation and not getting a good feeling with going to the new place I've decided I'm going to stay here. The fact they matched it, I'm already settled here, and have a large amount of growth potential here, were the final deciding factors. Go me!! I also put in my two week notice at the restaurant. My co-worker wanted me to go into the restaurant and Sparta kick my manager in the genitals. I told him that would be rude and I might lose my shoe in the gaping hole that I'm sure has eaten it's fair share of wrist watches/firetrucks. I'm just kidding the manager at the restaurant is actually quite awesome and me quitting on the spot would cause some issues. I'm one of the stronger servers they have and without me scheduled they would be fucked. I hope they hire someone decent before I go. Italics are like whispers right? 

Now, onto the more important shit. Women.

Everyone remember Vino? No... For shame!!!!

Quick Recap: Vino is a girl I work with that is super smart, super cute, and up until about a month ago she wasn't single. We became friends and have had many three nights out for drinks. We have great conversation and I'm sure there is some degree of attraction... or at least I thought there was.

I hate reading too much into shit but when it comes to romance, love, and fornication you don't really have a choice. 

I'm pretty sure she likes me because she invites me out for drinks all the time and wants to hang out. She is flirty and coy at the same time. I catch her looking at me and smiling. She also put in her two weeks notice as soon as she found out I was quitting (literally within minutes). Almost sending a message that she was only working there so she could see me (she has a better job and only agreed to stay on at the restaurant one day a week). I could just be narcissistic about that though.

Then she does things that throw me off. She invited another guy out to join us last night then bailed early before we even made it out for drinks. Mind you she could have just been tired. So needless to say I was home before I was expecting to be.

I guess my biggest issue is that we started out as friends because she was in a relationship with someone else. Now that she is single, the dynamic has changed and I don't understand it. I don't know what she is looking for, and because of the way things work when it comes to sticking male parts inside female parts it isn't appropriate to ask. I guess I'll just have to take it as it comes. She invited me out for drinks tonight with her co-workers from her other job. I'll keep you informed as this story either develops or flops on its face.

There is also another girl that is on the go, sorta.

Rea, the ex girlfriend that broke up with me saying I was too good for her about 7 years ago has told me that I'm the one that got away. She regrets the last seven years and wishes she could go back and change what happened. I still love the girl, part of that unconditional love thing that I happen to believe in, but I have no idea if it would work. She also lives 6 hours away from here now. I'm planning on going to visit her in about 2 weeks and spending a whole weekend with her. I'll know more after that.

I have more to say about these things but my real job is being the bitchy wife and demanding that I pay more attention to her instead of my mistress the blog.

I'll tell you about tonight's drinks with Vino on Monday.

Later Days,


  1. Girl who hangs out with you but doesn't try anything.

    Invites another dude to your nights out, then bails, leaving you and the dude alone.

    Was the dude into you? She may think you're gay, and is trying to play matchmaker...


  2. I'm waiting to hear about the sexy sex times with Rea...

  3. @Brandon: Vino and I have never hung out in private only in public, the dude was another guy we work with and no we weren't left alone we all left at the same time.

    @Max: that is a ways away, and I'm not sure how much I'll be writing about the sexy times on the blog.

  4. Maybe she invited the other guy to make you jeleous. Or maybe she likes to see guys compete over her. If I were in that situation, I would write her off as a high maintenance bitch. Women can't just tell it like it is, they play games and keep you guessing.

    You seem like an honest and decent guy, bitches who mess with your mind are not ideal for someone like you.

    Reuniting with an ex, especially after 7 years is a tough call. If she thinks you are the one, see where it goes.

  5. Maybe she just likes to go out for drinks with people she wants to know better. Weird.

  6. I'm with Haven on this one. No where in what you wrote did I see game playing, assuming she has malicious intentions is a little premature, it could be that she is trying to get to know you better and thinks it will be more comfortable if you two keep it social for a minute. You have two options with her, continue to speculate, or let her know directly that you are interested in spending more time with her. Man up if you want to sort it out and get on with whatever it turns out to be. As for long lost gf, tread carefully. Ex's are usually ex's for a reason. But best of luck on whatever you decide to take a risk on, you know I'm cheering from the sidelines

  7. @danjor I don't see her as the game playing type. I don't think she is playing games at all. I just don't know if she is romantically interested or not.

    @Haven: Probably.

    @Lisa: I agree I don't think she is playing games. I like her even as a friend so yea I'm not going to bail on her. And the Ex of course I'm going to tread carefully. This ex was an ex for a very stupid reason. Thanks for the cheers, are you wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit? If not, get on it.

  8. Maybe she didn't intend for the other guy to show up?

    The blanket invite. As a part of workplace politics, you invite certain people just to cover your tracks. I've had to do that with a co-worker I despise.

  9. Maybe she just wants to be friends at the moment as she hasn't been single that long and wants to take things slowly?

    As for the ex, that does sound cool, but be careful as going backwards is always a risk.

    AND I thought I was the other girl?!

    : )

  10. If you don't think she is playing games, then perhaps you should follow random girl's advice and just man up! Make it known to her that you are interested in a deeper relationship.

    After further evaluating the ex's reason for leaving you, I lean more towards extra caution with this girl. You are too nice for her? Wtf?

  11. LOL at italics are like whispers. And thanks for the grapes discussion, it helped me get through the workday until I could have my wine. Until you mentioned going to visit Rea, I was going to suggest asking Vino out on a proper date. But that may not be such a good idea, if you're going to visit the ex soon. I'm happy the job thing worked out, though. Way to put on your big boy underpants and deal with it. High five.


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