Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What the Fuck Wednesday: Road map.

I want to clarify something. I'm not a sociopath I never once thought seriously that I was. I just thought it amusing that if you were to judge me based only on my blog that it would seem that way.

I agree with the comments though. I think I'm just an amusing drunk, with a tendency to be a bit of an asshole.

On to today's post.

It is brought to you by Tough Choices™. For when you just aren't satisfied that your hardest decision is your choice of bagel in the morning. Tough Choices™ will come and ask the hard questions. "Give baby up for adoption, abortion or hide it in a dumpster?" or "Take the new job with less job security, more money, closer to home but less job potential?" Call now and we'll throw in an extra Tough Choice™. "Should you have sex with your girlfriend's hot younger sister?" For Free!!! Just for calling in now. 1-888-dont-call-this-number.

I fucking hate infomercials, but I love to make fun of them.

Seriously though, you know what would be nice. A road map to life. Not directions because as Natasha pointed out, I had the GPS voice lady telling me "left turn here and right turn in 50 meters. You have arrived at your destination." option before with the Mormons. Not a fan.

I like to plot my own route.

I want a map. So I can look and see ahead so when I choose to turn left onto "take girl home from the bar street" I'll know I'm going to end up in the part of town called "rehab for six months" I'd know that that was a wrong turn.

If I continue down the road I'm on right now I'll end up doing decent. It will be a lot of work with not a whole lot of free time. I enjoy this part of town. Kinda lonely and I'm mostly driving around roundabouts doing the same thing day in day out. Too busy to actually look for a better route.

However this all changed when someone built a big fucking arrow saying turn this way. I of course pulled over and asked where that particular side road would take me. It sounded interesting. So I went and drove down that way a bit and took a peak at where that road could lead. But since I don't have a fucking MAP, I'm forced to guess.

Yes the road will lead to shiny new opportunities and possibly more adventures. The road is hard to see where it is going to go. The first part looks all nice. There is new pavement and it seems like it could be a little bit better of a ride. There may be ups and downs further along and around a couple bends. Do I take the risk.

I'm just banging all the dents out of my Car/life from my last little bit of touring this town called my life. Do I want to risk getting more dents scrapes and possibly totally wreck.

So in case you weren't paying attention to the metaphor. I had a job interview yesterday and at the end of it they extended an informal job offer. The formal one will be coming some time next week. The pay will be way better than what I'm getting now. I could quit my second job. It will be closer to home I could walk to work instead of sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day. The only downside is there may or may not be a ton of growth potential there. In fact during slow times I could get my full time hours cut down to less than thirty a week, which money wise would equal what I'm making now... sadly. I guess it boils down to security. I have a decent job that I enjoy but doesn't pay well. Do I sacrifice the security for a chance at more money and more free time?

I have yet to tell my current employers (who don't even know I have a second job). I am trying to decide if I want to give them the option of countering with a pay raise. I have no idea how to go about broaching that topic.

"Hey, so I got a job offer downtown and they are going to pay me X amount, I like it here though and am willing to give you guys the option to counter offer. It would have to be more than X though because of distance and travel to and from work."

I don't know what to do. I've been told that job hopping is a bad thing to do. It starts to make employers look at you funny.

As far as the dating front is right now I'm a little bit too busy working to actually put the time and effort into finding dates. (Never mind POF is wack) So taking the new job would work out better on that front as well. Regardless as to how this turns out I'm looking forward to quitting the second job.

I am in dire need of some advice.

Later Days,


  1. Geezus, could you present a less balanced argument? I've stayed in a shitty situation for job security/earlier retirement and don't regret it. But walking to work would be beyond awesome. I like the idea of letting current job match the offer, tho. I'm glad I'm not you right now. Good luck!

  2. Job hopping can be risky. It is one of the reasons I had such a hard time finding one this time around.

    I think you should give your current job the chance to counter offer. Just be careful because they might just let the ax fly if they think you are a flight risk. =( I would wait till you had the official offer in hand.

    Good Luck

  3. Life's all about taking risks. If you don't take the risks, you rarely get very far. Ok, you have a secure job, but is it what you want to be doing forever more? If it isn't, then you will have to take a risk with a new job at some point in time, so what's wrong with now?

    PS. I wouldn't take my advice. I ended up a teacher!

  4. I would absolutely give the current job a chance to match the pay (and then some for the reasons you listed)

    Be prepared to go though if they don't. I would go myself. Who knows what other great things may turn up during a slow period? Right now you're just treading water, right?

  5. Wait until you have the formal job offer in hand before talking to your current company - but definitely do. It's a rather common practice, actually.

    And once you have the offer in hand, ask tough questions about the new job to help with decision-making. See if you can get a meeting with your potential new manager.

  6. Shit. If I went to my current employer with the plan you have, they'd be like, "Bitch, who the fuck do you think you are? It's an employERS world right now. Pound pavement." But then again, you're probably way more valuable an employee than I am. I am of no help, am I?


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