Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What the Fuck Wednesday. This is working out.

Other than My complete and utter lack of keeping my word about staying sober, (To be honest I never said completely sober. I was supposed to find that happy balance, so far I've failed) other things have happened as well.

It has been an interesting week in the dating world. Err... prospective dating world.

Vino; no matter how much it sucks that relationships end, hers did. I am ... I am perplexed that my vocabulary is failing me at this moment. Of course I am trying to describe a feeling that isn't my usual hungry, tired, drunk or hungover so it really isn't that surprising. Anyway Vino is single "Yay!!" but is going through a tough little bit of getting kicked out of her house and all that jazz, "poo". I have no idea if this is going to go anywhere or anything like that, but I can hope.

Now as for the Plenty of fish profile. The entire time I've had a POF profile, 5 years,  I've gotten one message and that was from a 30 year old Sea Dragon (I was 23) that lived at mommy and daddies and worked at a dollar store. That is until last week. Now, I've received messages from 2 attractive women, completely unsolicited. I didn't know women actually sent first messages on dating sites. Imagine what is going to happen when I actually message women.

First and foremost is "hippie" I call her that because in her profile she talks about sustainable resources and crap like that. I work in oil and gas and drive an SUV. Meh, she says it isn't "that" important to her. We'll see. Waiting on message back from her.

Second, is a message I just got this morning. She is a journalist that likes to travel. I haven't sent her a message back yet. I already know she doesn't like peanut butter so I'm not sure if it is going to work. <;-\

So far everything is going better than expected.

I do have some questions that maybe you guys can answer.

I hate communicating by text/email/phone I'm more of in person type, so when is it appropriate to suggest meeting for coffee?

I have issues conveying my awesomeness via messages because I'm always holding back a little bit of my "large personality" How much should I hold back? I'm afraid whomever I am messaging isn't going to understand I'm joking, or misconstrue my message to mean something else. After all, if there is ever a break down in communication it is when dating.

Later Days,

PS. <;-\ is the coolest emoticon ever. It is my "winking long nosed Asian stroke victim" use it whenever you can.


  1. I am not the person to ask about the online dating rules & regulations. But I do understand how humor and such can be misinterpreted in texts and emails and suddenly you come off as a complete idiot when in reality you're a fucking rockstar.

    <;-\ <--------Love it.

  2. I, too, have tried the whole "happy balance" thing. It's not easy!

    If you want to get to know someone it's best to meet them in person...the sooner the better!

  3. I don't propose being someone you're not, but you could ration the doses of who you are until she knows you better... just sayin...

    Seriously though a woman who spouts eco, then says it doesn't matter that much... 'FLAKE' ;-)

    The second one sounds better, but probably translates as "I have a blog and I'm hoping you'll take me on a vacation or two"... time will tell on that.

    Good luck!

  4. Don't make too many generalizations until you've met them and had coffee. I wouldn't have gone out with my man had I applied generalizations that I'd previously clung to. I already tweeted on how her not liking peanut butter can be a good thing. In terms of how soon to meet someone? The sooner the better. Online isn't real. It's a perverted (and not in the good way) version of reality. As for the personality part, ask yourself what kind of girl you want to end up with. If you want someone with a similarly large personality, then go all out and weed through the non-wangworthy ones until you find her. If you want someone (and this is my recommendation) that is a little more balance to your grandeur, then keep it on the calmer side (still being you) until you have formed a relationship and then you can share parts of it slowly and acclimate her to your youness. My hubs really doesn't get me most of the time, but we built a foundation on other things, so when I say shit he doesn't get, he shakes his head at me and it's all good.

  5. there's obviously something about your profile that made these women think you have something in common, so consider that before writing either one off. they know themselves better than you do, and they reacted to your profile persona for a reason. as for the text/emailing/messaging dilemma, i know that texting has had a lot to do with a lot of spats i've gotten into because my tone of bitter sarcasm doesn't translate well and i just come off as a bitch when i'm trying with all my might not to be.

    if it were me, i'd want to maybe exchange a couple of emails - and i say emails because you have more room to elaborate and express your true self than in 160-character texts - until you feel comfortable saying something you wouldn't say to a stranger - when you're at a point of familiarity. but not comfort, because on the internet, that's not real. then suggest coffee or a drink or whatever. there's not going to be a formula, because it varies person to person.

    good luck! & awesome emoticon, man!

  6. So true! You and I have more in common than I thought. That's cool!

  7. i say don't hold back and be your fine self, always.

    those who can handle it make the cut.



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