The Unrighteous Series.

The Unrighteous Series is a series of novels I'm working on writing. They have their own blog and I'm posting links to them here for everyone that is curious enough to read it.

The premise or synopsis if you will of the first novel

Chris is a young college student the same as everyone else his age. He is just living life as he is supposed to, when an unexplainable explosion rips apart a peaceful monastery. It sets off a chain of events that will alter the way the world works. Chris will have to deal with a new age of chaos, religious fanatics, political maneuvering, and an ability that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years. He isn't alone in this ability and there are those that would use this once lost human trait to establish an "Unrighteous Dominion" over everything.

It is the first novel of three that I have in my head. The books are going to be called "The Unrighteous series". The titles of the books are: "Unrighteous Dominion", "Unrighteous Return", "Unrighteous End".

You can find the chapters here.