Friday, March 30, 2012

Something about something, Fuck it.

It's been a while again since I've posted something.

I'm not even sorry this time.

I think I may have set my standards too high when it comes to interesting post worthy topics.

Me doing what I've been doing a lot of. Snowboarding. 
This is my new baby. 

This is my sister and my friend. He is really tall.

My sister and I

Me and my girlfriend.
Ok That is all you get today because I am either working or boarding. My life is exciting. 

Later Days,

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekend Monday: St. Drunk off my ass day.

That awkward moment when you run into someone you were supposed to hang out with but have kept blowing them off for the last month. Yea, this is kinda what that feels like. 

I'm sorry. I don't really have an excuse. Other than the fact that my life has been relatively boring lately. I gave up drinking which helped out a lot on that aspect. I have also been broke lately which didn't help with the excitement part either.

This isn't to say that I haven't had some excitement. Last weekend I went snowboarding and rode the park. My tailbone is still sore from falling. I was so sore after last Sunday I was in bed by 830 and still almost slept in for work the next morning.

That would have made for a good post if I had brought a decent camera, but I didn't. 

Wednesday I went out for 1.50 tacos. Which may sound like a really good idea but the night sweats and... well you get the idea, were not worth it. 

So St. Patty's day was this last weekend and I don't know if you knew this but it is an awesome holiday. 

We started first thing in the morning. 10 am for irish breakfast. Blood sausage, eggs, and potato pancakes with gravy and a side of Guinness. Which was followed by more Guinness. We played darts and pool. We had Irish stew for lunch. Then the day started to get messy. 

By 6 pm I'd already had close to 20 drinks and I could still feel my face. 

By 9 pm I could barely feel my face but I found a girl by this point and was more pointedly feeling other things. 

By midnight we were walking out of the bar looking for a cab to take me and her back to her place. I thought maybe she had pissed herself but it was just spilled beer, and then she pissed in the parking lot of a Safeway.

In the middle of a downtown grocery store she popped a squat and let the river flow. I manage to find the classy ones I tell ya. 

Eventually a friend of hers came and picked us up and took us back to her place. Where we had just what I needed, more beer. 

By 2 am we were in her bed and having naked sexy times. I was hammered but my performance was still decent. It was good sex just wasn't fantastic. I was too drunk to finish but we made a deal to try again in the morning. 

In the morning we tried again. After about ten minutes I say, " Oh wow, my head is pounding,." She responds with "That is because you were just pounding me." 


We start watching hockey and have a bit of a nap and drink some water. 

In the afternoon we tried one more time. 

It worked YAY!!!!

We then got up and she drove me back to my car where I got her number, and realized I don't think I ever got her name. 

Now who's the classy one. This guy. 

The good news is I texted her "hey this is NtH" and she responded with her name. 

The bad news is I am not planning on seeing her ever again. I have learned that random drunken hook ups are just that. 

Anyway, I'm still suffering a bit of a hang over and need to work.
Later Days,

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Weekend Monday: Champagne powder.

I have some fantastic news. I am almost 8 days in without a drop of alcohol. Now this isn't the longest I've ever gone without, but it is the first time that I've voluntarily done it. For the last couple years having a beer or glass of wine with dinner was normal, especially when I eat out in a restaurant. Which I do regularly.

A side effect of this is that I've actually started to slim up or trim down or however the fuck you want to say I'm starting to actually look as fit as I feel. I've actually jumped a belt loop.

Now if I'm not drinking on the weekends that means I'm not wasting my days recovering from a hangover or lack of sleep. So what did I do with my time?

Me and my friend Marco
in that order.
I've been riding the slopes. I spent two full days on the hill. Which means that Friday I stayed in and was in bed by 10 pm to be up at 630am to drive to the hill. Marco as seen above lives on the resort in staff accommodations, with a couch, where I slept Saturday night, early, again.

I wish I had a better camera but I don't so you're just going to have to take my word that there was waist deep powder in places and powder everywhere else. It was up there with some of the better riding I've ever experienced. By the time I was done on Sunday and had made it home my body was twitching in protest and exhaustion.

I looked it up and a guy my size snowboarding for roughly 5 hours burns around 3000 calories. No wonder I'm starting to slim down.

I'm going on another trip this weekend although it is only going to be an overnight one day kinda thing. I'm going with an ex girlfriend. Not the one I went to see a couple weeks ago, a different one who has a boyfriend and just wants someone to go snowboarding with and split the cost of a lesson. I haven't seen her in about 8 months and am kinda excited to catch up.  We are going to learn how to ride park. Hopefully by then I'll have a better camera and can get some sweet pictures.

Before I go I wanted to say thank you to Random Girl for the shout out, although I'm not so sure I should thank her as she alludes to me influencing her to lewd behavior. Good for you Randy I hope you enjoyed it, one of us should be and it sure as hell wasn't me.

Later Days,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I, for one, can't wait.

I had an interesting conversation with some friends about something that is going to happen for me next year, and has happened to some of them already.

The high-school ten year reunion.

I, for one, can't wait, whereas some of the other people I've talked to are dreading it or just didn't go.

They argue that they don't want to go back and show everyone you shared your hopes and dreams with in high school how far you've fallen short. They don't want to go back and see the people that used to torment them. They feel insecure and that everyone is going to judge them on how their life is going.

Isn't that the whole point of the ten year reunion?

I remember a time when I was in 9th grade and a couple of girls I was friends with told me, to my face, that they had no hope for me. It hurt a lot, and has stuck with me all these years. It galvanized me, though. To be honest I probably wouldn't have made it through high school if it wasn't for the way that one sentence, said by a couple of people I considered my friends, made me focus. That phrase turned into my motivation to succeed.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not petty. I don't want to go back and rub in everyone's faces that I'm successful, because I'm not supremely successful. I haven't made millions. Far from it actually. I don't drive a ridiculously fancy car, or have a swanky prestigious job.

I don't want to go back and show them that I'm in the best shape of my life. though by then it will probably be true, I'm not going back to show all those girls that turned their nose up at me in high school that they really missed out. Even though that is going to happen, it isn't the main purpose.

I want to go back and relive some of the good times we had when we were younger. I want to see how everyone else is doing. Did "whats her face" get into acting like she wanted? Did, "whos her whatsit" become the doctor that she planned to be? Did my child hood bully get into the NHL?

The answer to these questions is; probably not, but they may have gone a different direction. I know I did.

When I left high school, I was on track to be a psychologist. I was going to one of the better psych schools in Canada. I left and didn't look back. Back then, I thought good riddance and good bye. Since then, I've had what feels like a lifetime of experiences and I've grown up from the dorky kid that moved away from that small town into whatever you want to call me now.

I haven't stayed in contact with many of the people I grew up with but the ones I have are happy and that is the main purpose I think of the reunion.

I want to go to my reunion not to practice my one-up-manship or punch my tormentor in the face ,although... No, I want to share my happiness and to join in on others' happiness regardless of where life has taken them. I want to find out what the people I knew in my formative years are doing.

Sure I could find some of them on Facebook but isn't it a little awkward adding someone on Facebook after not seeing them for 9 years, maybe not you say. Well what if, when they tried to add me on Facebook a couple of years ago I turned them down or deleted them during a cull. Awkward now? Yea, that is what I thought.

Besides, I'm more of a face to face person. I even prefer to talk to myself when I'm looking in the mirror.

My reunion is only a year away which to me, means I should feel older than I do.

Later Days,