Friday, September 2, 2011

For Fuck's Sake Friday: Photo Session.

 I chose to do the text part of my dating profile first because FFSF better suits the selection of my dating profile pictures.

Without further delay For Fuck's Sake why can't I have a decent picture taken of me.

Photoshop out the flower?
Photo #1
Snowboarding in Revelstoke Awesome trip

Photo #2
Grinning like an idiot.
Drinking beer in front of a sunset
Photo #4
After jumping out of a plane.
Photo #5
Crop out the geek.
Photo #6
Weird Expression....
Photo #7
Crop out the chick. Run with the goofiness?
Photo #8
Photo #9
Hiking in Banff.
Photo #10
Mmmm Reuben Sandwich.
Photo #11
Pre jumping out of a plane.
Photo # 12
Drunk on my birthday.
Photo # 13
I fucking love triscuits.
Photo # 14
Random Bar Photo.
Photo # 15
Chicken Wings.
Photo # 16
My tongue is stuck to a giant Kokanee beer can.
Photo #17
My hair does awesome things.
Photo # 18
My sweater shrank.
Photo # 19
Photo #20
I may not always have a beard but when I do I look Rugged.
Photo #21

Me just chillen in the snow.
Photo #22
I don't know...
Photo # 23
Rugged in the snow.
Photo # 24

Smiling in the Snow.
Photo# 25

I look Classy when I'm confused.
Photo # 26

That is officially all the photos I have of me. I know, extensive right? Now that I have them all in one place. I don't think I actually photograph that bad. Definitely not good, but I've seen worse photos of me. I'm also fairly positive you are sick of looking at me. 

The poll is to the right. Feel free to vote for multiple pictures as well because I am going to need more than one.

For Fuck's Sake, Be kind.

Later Days, 

PS. Oh yea I found some more winners for us all to cringe at.
Sideways pictures are slimming right? Sneering is also a good look right?

 Things that make me look cooler than I am?
Duck face. Check
Gangster peace sign. Check
Sunglasses inside. Check.
Picture of myself in a bathroom mirror. Check.


  1. I don't see the poll but I vote for #21. I would message that guy!

  2. I would say 21 or 26 for the actual profile pic.

    And then for the other photos, 5, 8, 17, and 20. A good mix of active and goofy. And yes, crop out that chick.

    #22 looks like you're pooping in the snow.
    #19 looks like you're mimicking a gay crayon.
    #7 is exactly what I imagine you looked like 5 minutes after pooping in the umbrella.

  3. Man I'm sick of looking at you. Jokes, baby! Jokes! I voted #4 and #25. You're very handsome, my friend. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to vomit after seeing those last two photos. Cheers!

  4. 4 or 25 for the profile pic and a mix of the rest. Make sure you show off the following in at least one of the pictures:

    - your hair line
    - your teeth
    - your body from the neck down
    - what you look like now (beard/no beard... whateves)

  5. And you should clearly weight the votes of the straight women more heavily than that of any other, despite the fact that I'm always right and everyone else is wrong.

  6. Number 10 is my favorite. You look happy and natural. Voted!!

    Kelly @ my joy project

  7. Man...the options. I like 2,4,10,15,21,25!

    You photograph fine but I'd avoid the effeminate ones they don't do anything for me and usually make me skip over a profile as I prefer my men rugged. Just me though.

  8. I like 4, 10, 21 and 25. I agree with Maxwell (of course I agree with him, he's always right!) and that we straight chicks should get more say. Aside from the fact that you look 12 to me, you're cute, and you've got some good photos here.

  9. I like 25 or 4, but i also like 1...dont worry I have voted! Nothing wrong with your photos and show that you enjoy life!

  10. I have left you an award on my blog :)


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