Monday, July 25, 2011

Hung over Monday: Floating the River.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday a little bit more than I am. I for one do not want to be back at work.  Not when yesterday I had this view.

Pasty legs.

It was a glorious day yesterday. The sun was shining, the water was nice, the company was good and the booze was cold. 

After the stampede week long drunk fest debauchery and chaos I decided I was going to take it relatively easy this weekend. Friday night, I had 3 beer watched a movie and fell asleep. It was a very good sleep that was looked forward to all week.

I've said this before but my bed is epic.
So Comfy
My bed is a conglomeration of feathers and high thread count sheets. I have a memory foam pillow top mattress with a 4 inch feather mattress on top of that with a 30 pound feather comforter, and about 9 different density feather pillows to top it off.

Anyway, my bed is very hard to get out of in the morning, so Saturday morning I didn't.

My friend, I guess we can call her that, came into town for the day and brought her boyfriend. We went out for dim sum. Her boyfriend, who was a little odd, is a good guy. I can't hate on him at all. However, in the past she had told me that it feels like they are just really good friends. That it doesn't feel like they are dating. Honestly, I could see that. There was very little affection between them at all, though that could be because they aren't PDA type people, but it didn't feel that way. I don't know if I'm biased or seeing things clearly so I'll just leave it as after breakfast I was hungry about 2 hours later. Stupid Chinese food.

Played poker for the rest of the afternoon, drank another three beer and fell asleep exhausted again.

Woke up Sunday morning feeling fantastic. I mean why wouldn't I.

This is what I had to look forward too. 
I was going floating with a whole bunch of friends. Now floating is something of a tradition/past time/ best thing to do in the summer time here in Calgary. It involves booze, water, sunshine, girls in bikini's and a whole lot of sunscreen (which I suck at apparently, more on this later).

From left to right: Junior, J, and Nevets.
I want that house!!!
Because the river is so calm we go out and buy 20 dollar rubber dingys and tie them together and float down the river soaking in sunshine.

I kinda went camera crazy and you're going to be bombarded with photos.
There are some ducklings in this picture.

Floating alone.

There is a couple hawks in this picture... err was supposed to be.

Hard to believe this is right in the middle of a city with a population of 1.2  million.

Floating alone but close to everyone.

At some point we lost J she ended up holding on to a rock for 5 min waiting for us.

Everyone say Hi to Nevets.

There are something like a 1000 people that float down here every day.

Again right in the middle of the city.

Floating for an hour and a half and people are putting into the river here.

There are geese in this picture.

The same geese are in this picture.

oooh majestic power lines.

Stupid rich people.

I hate anyone that owns a house on this river.

Especially this guy.

Same guy, still a douche.

Pasty feet.

So nice outside.

More useless photo's of other peoples shit.

This guy isn't such a bad guy, not because I know him personally, he just waved when we went by.

I have a panoramic video as well. My very first Vlog, there isn't any talking or anything like that. Just a short little 360 view of the river.

Sorry I can't paddle and work camera well at the same time.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the photos from my little float as much as I enjoyed floating.

Later Days,

Ps. I forgot to mention about the sunscreen. So I put it on and everything was all well and good. Then I started scratching randomly not thinking about it. Well guess what, where ever I scratched I burnt. I'm covered in random lines and patterns from scratching and burning. I'd take a picture but ... No you don't deserve it.


  1. Damn that looks like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon to me.

  2. Woohoo! Awesome! Now I'm jealous. You hate those guys, I hate you now. Boo.

  3. Wow wish I had awesome places like that to go to! :) loving the vlog too!

  4. I loved the captions for the photos.


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