Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Relativity is a Bitch.

If there is one thing that I absolutely hate about growing up, it's the fact that time appears to move faster. I think I've figured out why. It has everything to do with the fact that the way we view the world is entirely subjective.

When I was 5 years old my summer vacations seemed to last forever. Whereas now my summer time seems to fly by in a heart beat. It feels like yesterday that I was celebrating new years. This is really quite simple to figure out why. It has to do with time passing as a subjective percentage of our lives.

When I was 5 yrs old 2 months was 6.66% of my whole life. I didn't have any perspective to see how short 2 months really is so my summers felt like forever. Now that I'm 26 yrs old and my Canadian summers only last 4 months they seem to fly by and it is because 4 months of my life is only 1.2% of my life lived so far. My perception of time is changing the more time I'm exposed to.

Basically I just wish I had more time to sit on patios and drink. (Do you think Einstein did math to supplement his drinking)

Last night I went over to a friends house. We'll call her little C. She is adorable. She is good looking and doesn't even know it. I had a huge crush on her for a while, but it never evolved into anything.

Show up at her place and we have a couple cups of tea on her patio. While we were chatting it didn't take me long to realize that I hadn't seen her since before Christmas. Which is like a holy shit moment of where the fuck has time gone. Then I also realize that this year is over half way finished. AHHH!!!

I hate realizing that time is flying past me. I'm not getting nearly enough done that I wanted to. For instance I have a new years resolution "Not to go to Cuba" because everyone breaks their new years resolutions I figure that would be a good one to break. If I don't break it, yay me for being one of the few that actually sticks to their resolutions. I want to go to Cuba though.

 I think it is time to sit down and do some serious planning and budgeting.

On a completely different topic.

I forgot to mention a conversation I had with my mother when she was in town. I was taken aback by it and don't quite know how to proceed.

NTH: Mom I think you're crazy.

Mom: I'm sure we all have our moments.

NTH: That isn't what I mean.

Mom: I know I'm delusional.

NTH: Mom, that isn't healthy.

Mom: If I didn't have my delusions I don't think I'd be able to survive in the world. So it's either I have my delusions and live or I face reality and die.

I didn't know how to answer this.

I don't know if she was admitting to the craziness of the Mormon Church, or to some other strange belief that she has.

Either way admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. That would work except my mother doesn't think being delusional is a problem. She thinks it's the solution. She is willfully pulling the wool over her own eyes because she doesn't like what she sees.

Later Days.


  1. haha you JUST figured out that everything we experienced is subjective?????? Boy your summers must've lasted long before now (i'm being a smartass here)

    By the way, I'm not well-versed in mathematics and was never good in that area (biology I was good at, but not physics and chemistry), and so when I say I disagree with relativity, take that with a grain of salt and remember I didn't go through the equations to actually disprove it. But I think logically it can be disproved. Relativity argues that there is invariance in inertial frames, I think the only invariance exists in our minds... kind of like the US measures in inches but everyone else does meters/centimeters. There is still an absolute value, we just see it differently. If the theory of relativity stated that, I would agree, but no it just says "everything is relative regardless of our perceptions" (at least from my understanding), but you can argue that I'm being picky with semantics.

    I don't think your mom has to see her delusions as a "problem" in order to "get better" (though I don't think she needs to "get better" like she's mentally illl based on your reading, I just think she needs to mature a bit). There are many philosophical psychiatrists/psychologists who gave me the idea that individuals "talking to one's self" and "delusions" are in more balanced mental states, it just so happens society doesn't accept that. In the same way, I don't think depression is a mental illness the way they diagnose it, as if grieving or sadness is unnatural and should be eradicated.

  2. I love your new year resolution about not going to Cuba... I hope you get to break it :)

  3. Welcome to my life. Time is passing me by as well. IF I could only be young again.

  4. Leila is spot on about delusion. The real worls is something that our senses interpret for us and we all get a different perspective.

  5. @Leila: I'm known everything in life is subjective since I was about 16 and read Descartes. The part where he says we could just be a brain in a jar being fed stimulus to think we were alive and moving around.

    Relativity as Einstein saw it was more mathematical than anything else. It had a lot to do with the way time and space are affected when approaching the speed of light. Relativity doesn't affect us normally.

    As for my mother, perhaps I'll write a post on this.

    @kelly: I hope I break it too.

    @Trash: How do you deal with time passing so fast?

    @Tony: There is a difference between delusion and subjectivity. My mother is radically religious even when it doesn't make sense.


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