Monday, August 29, 2011

My weekend Monday: Notice the title change edition.

I've decided I'm going to get away from the drunken debauchery that I've been relishing for the last little while.

I have a hard time quitting cold turkey though. So this weekend I did get a little bit tipsy.

Friday night I went out with Vegas and we drank and laughed at hipsters. I did get a lot drunk and ended up at an after party it was relatively low key considering the last month. There was no pooping or peeing on anything.

Surprisingly I didn't do or say anything that was overtly asshole-ish.

Saturday I spent the morning recovering and then went to a "Stampeders" game. That is a CFL team or Canadian Football league, for anyone that isn't from Canada.

It was a good game. Well played on both sides. Calgary won, much to the disappointment of one of the guys I was with.

The best part about the game came sometime in the second half.

Not my Video FYI. Full credit to whoever uploaded it.

This guy should play for the CFL. He managed to make it from one end of the field to the other and then back to where he finally gave up.  Fucking hilarious, of course this could just be the amount of beer I had drank by this point in time, but I found it awesomely funny.

Saturday night was meh, I couldn't seem to get drunk and just wasn't feeling the crowd that was at the bar I was at.

Sunday I didn't feel like doing anything but got talked into playing poker and then promptly fell asleep around 7.

Overall this weekend was a great way to close out my summer of debauchery. I think I'm going to try and go sober/not drunk till Juniors birthday in October.

Later Days


  1. you can tell how awesome this post is due to lack of coments...

    im going to miss drunk NTH. he is fun. but i have school now and trades people can try and fill that gap.

    PS why didnt i hear about the streaker! streakers are always funny drunk or not!

  2. Haha. When I was in college, people would streak through classrooms during finals.

    Didn't happen all the time but definitely would help relieve the tension/nervousness when freaked out about the test.


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