Monday, August 8, 2011

Hung over Monday: Jack Shit Edition.

This weekend, I'm not going to lie and say that it was super duper awesome extraordinaire, because it wasn't. My mood from Friday seemed to carry through most of the weekend.

Friday I said some things that were pissing me off. I mentioned that I lost a follower. To be honest, I don't even know who it was, so I can't really be that mad. I don't really pay attention other than to see if the number is the same or not. I don't write to gain followers. I write because I like it. So Sorry for the follower comment I love you all and hope you have many great nights of amazing sex.

This weekend, lets see where should I start. Umm Friday, yea that was a whole bunch of Grand Marnier on the rocks on Junior's deck. It was nice.

Saturday we floated down the river. I know it isn't very exciting for you guys when I do the same thing every weekend, but I like it so get bent.

Poker, I played a couple games of poker this weekend. I lost the first game on Saturday night but won the game on Sunday. So I actually made money.

Sunday after poker I lounged around relaxing.

I did have a couple interesting things happen to me though.

First as I'm sure anyone that was paying attention to their twitter feed yesterday knows I was in a car accident. The doctor says it looks like I'll make a full recovery from all the injuries I sustained. This is probably due to the fact that it was a no damage accident that we drove away from and traffic wasn't even effected because the light was red when it happened and we were good to go by the time it turned green.

Second, I can't complain about bad luck for a while. I think I may have used up a fair chunk of my stored up luck Saturday night.

Saturday we go float the river, we arrive at the drop off spot and get ready and I close all the doors to my FJ and lock it up. We will come back and get it later. Float the river, don't make it back to the car. My sister ends up giving me a ride back to my car on Sunday morning, roughly 18 hours later.

I arrive to see that I can see right into the drivers window, like it isn't there.

Me: "Is my driver's side window smashed."

Sister: "Doesn't look like there is any glass"

I wander over and sure enough there isn't a window there. Turns out, however that it was just rolled down. That is right, I left the drivers side window rolled all the way down and left my vehicle there over night. Just sitting in a park.

The awesome thing. The FJ was still locked and nothing, I mean "Nothing" had moved. Not the money I had sitting in the cup holder. Not Junior's House keys that were in plain sight on the dashboard. Not even Ginger's  iphone and keys that were also in plain sight on the back seat.

I don't think anyone even glanced into my car while it was sitting there.

I am one lucky Son of a Bitch. (I'm not even including the cops we tricked into thinking we were drinking "Just Pop, officer!", followed by a "Yea looks like pop to me". Twice.)

Today's "Hung over Monday" isn't much of a post, because I didn't do anything this weekend. I'm not a fucking machine. I need a weekend of doing nothing every once in a while. Get off my back.

Later Days,

Disclaimer: Don't read this if you don't want to know depressing shit.
Ps. I know now, why I was so pissed off on Friday. It is the same reason that I'm pissed off today. I told you all about how I had to get a second job in order to get caught up on bills, fines and warrants and all that shit. Well I'm pissed off because it is going to take longer than I expected. Like about 3 or 4 times as long. It isn't looking like I'll make it to Cuba this year. ( I keep getting fucking stupid tickets, Friday morning I got a red light ticket in the mail for $287 add that onto the rest. FUUUUUU....)


  1. You are one lucky sob. If you did that here in Texas, you would be looking for a new car as the old one would have gotten stolen.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with Canada that you keep getting all these tickets? That shit be whack, yo.

  3. nothing wrong with a dialed back weekend, actually sounds like it was pretty good and fairly action packed. You don't have to trainwreck every weekend to make it count. Glad all your shit was still in the car, that's pretty amazing and really lucky. Guess Karma had to slap your ass one way or the other thus the ticket... you should be square now I think.


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