Friday, August 19, 2011

For Fuck's Sake Friday: Women.

There is a problem. 

A big problem. 

Well OK it isn't that big of a problem. 

It is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Women. I love you all dearly, as long as you aren't stupid. The problem is a lot of you are.

I'll admit that "ARE stupid" and "DO stupid things" are different. Here are some quotes from some people more famous than I am. Famous people have to know their shit right?

Forrest Gump's Mom: "Stupid is as stupid does."

Batman: "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."

So eventually when you continue to DO stupid things it eventually defines you as BEING stupid, I didn't make the rules, Batman and Forrest's Mom did.

I read a lot of blogs written by women. In fact most of the blogs I read are from women. I grew up surrounded by women. I'd like to think I understand women. I'm wrong, but I like to think it.

There are certain stereotypes that are applied to women.

"Blondes are dumb." Why discriminate by hair color.

"Women always go for the asshole." It's so true that it makes me wish I was a bigger asshole to women.

"Women are more emotional than men." This one I'm going to have to say is situational.

Now that I've gone on a rant and probably lost a few followers (probably women being too emotional) I'm going to explain myself.

I read an article today called "Does Atheism Have a Misogyny Problem?" (read it) Surprisingly it isn't the Atheism that I want to talk about.

In the article, a woman, at an atheist conference, was approached in an elevator at 4 am and was asked a question. "Hey, I find you really interesting and was wondering if you'd like to join me in my room for a coffee so we can talk more." This was after they had hung out all night at the bar.

The problem I have is this turned into a huge issue that was debated on for a while. What was the debate? Was this man out of line? Where did this debate start? The woman in question said that it was wildly inappropriate and creepy. Other people said that it was a non issue. Que Shitstorm. It's the fact that the woman wouldn't let it go and escalated the situation into a massive scandal that I have the bases to call her stupid.

I'm going to go out there and say For Fuck's Sake woman, take a compliment and deal with it.

If the roles had been reversed or twisted just a little bit so that it was me in the elevator and a gay man (larger than I am, it plays a role in why the woman was uncomfortable) were to come up to me and say the same thing. If I reacted the same way she did I'd be labelled intolerant. This woman is either very stupid for being so sensitive to what should be flattering, or brilliant for all the PR that she is getting. I think she is stupid because now everyone else is going to think she is hypersensitive.

Next I touched on this earlier in the stereotypes part. "Women go for assholes."

I hate to over analyze another blogger but it is the most pertinent story I've got at the moment.

LittleMissME lives a life of fun and over the top shenanigans. Kinda like me. That is why I love her.

I'm beginning to question her intelligence though, (sorry) She has this guy that she knows is using her. He basically treats her like property. Does she stand up for herself? Does she kick him in the nuggets? No, she has sex with him repeatedly. (I'm not airing dirty laundry here, you can read all about it on her blog) A couple times I can say is "doing" something stupid. At what point though does she cross that line into "being" stupid?

I understand the need to feel wanted, I do. I also understand what self respect is. So For Fuck's Sake Woman, grow a backbone. Know when to say no to a bad situation.

There, I showed two sides of the same coin. A woman that takes a normal query for a cup of coffee and turns it into a scandal and a woman that throws herself into bad situation after bad situation with the same guy.

I'm sure if I thought about it long and hard for a minute I could come up with other stupid things women do. However this will have to do, I've got work to do.

Disclaimer: I in no way am saying that men aren't stupid and I in no way am saying that I do not do stupid things. 

I know I'm not perfect, my moniker is "Not the Hero" for fuck's sake. 

I am going to say though that I generally learn from my stupid actions. I love learning which is probably why I run head first into whatever situation I can get myself into. The key though, is learning. If you don't learn from your past stupidity then you really are going to continue to be stupid. 

Later Days,

PS. I actually said sorry, so this has to be my most heartfelt post right? 


  1. Hehe I'm not sure about my intelligence either anymore. You pointed out a key problem of mine...self respect, I really don't have it

    Also he doesn't make me feel wanted at all, he's really really rude to me and basically calls me fat and ugly all the time (he just keeps getting better right?) Well I watched "whatever it takes" the other day and it made me think "oh shit I'm the idiot girl!" watch the trailer, it's enough to get an understanding. He is also the only guy who ever says no to me...

    You know what this post has been like some kind of counselling session, I'm starting to understand my idiotic actions! Yay! Don't worry I'm leaving on tuesday to go far away from him, although we might be going to a movie before then...or you could fly over to England and kick his ass for me?

  2. I think Little Miss Me is a stupid fat ugly whore who has probably been beaten with an ugly stick repeatedly. And she eats the aborted fetuses of the pigs she is always playing with.

    *quietly slips her airfare to BFE so she will have wild angry monkey sex with me*

  3. Oh man! For a second there I was afraid I was going to be one of the "stupid female bloggers" that you follow. Then I remembered how brilliantly awesome and wangworthy I am and I relaxed.

    Excellent post with some very valid points. I can say that I have done some stupid things in my life (eating pop rocks and drinking cola!! whoa!!) but it doesn't make me a stupid person. Just someone who has perhaps made a poor choice from time to time.

    Forget I said any of that. I also just remebered that I'm perfect.

  4. I like that your comment box says "My frail ego requires validation".

    My next thought was to do the opposite, but I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Good job.

  5. Well well well, look who's calling it like it is today? Good on you. I have been stupid as defined by doing stupid things on more than one occasion. I admit it. I'll try harder....

  6. I have been stupid but I own up to it when I am. I don't think there is anything wrong with calling people out when they are acting ridiculously. A couple times is an error, a dumb decision, repeating it over and over makes you stupid (or at least look it to everyone around you).

    As for this lady who made such a big deal out of a proposition...she needs to grow the hell up. Clearly she doesn't get hit on enough to know how to handle the situation. You say no. Period. End of story. If he doesn't accept your no, gets grabby, or forcibly pushes you towards his room then sure get pissed...but just asking? Come on now, a guy is going to ask...hell 1/2 the time I'll say yes just because he had the balls to ask (I'm sweet like that) but if I'm not interested just say no and walk away smiling and feeling good about yourself. Some ladies just don't know how to accept compliments...this is not a problem I have.

  7. haha this is too hilarious. I think it's hilarious you're getting upset over the stupidity of a woman - a woman who obviously thinks too highly of herself (don't blame the woman, blame the sleazy mantra of feminism). Or maybe you're not upset, and it's your writing that just sounds livid. Either way. It's hilarious.

    I think there are two types of stupid for both men and women: emotionally (as you pointed out) and impulsively. An example of impulse (or just clearly not using your head) for men would be the post you wrote about when you said you got into an almost life-death situation when you challenged a guy into a fight for a girl. I forgot the real situation already, but I remember you saying how you had problems around or with your eye and had to get surgery, blah blah. Women would never get into THAT kind of stupidity (take note how I'm differentiating you from your actions :P). Women make the OTHER mistake: they put up with shit. Instead of fighting back, they will take it because that's how almost 10,000 years of cultural brainwashing and 50+ years of TV/media misogynous thinking made them behave. Women have always been made out to be the weaker sex. I think there's no such thing as a fairer or weaker sex anyway. We all have our own faults and strengths INDIVIDUALLY. As do you.

    I also don't think it's quite hilarious that you broadened this out because you know of two women who make these stereotypical mistakes. Women go for assholes, and men go for slutty teases. Oh well.

  8. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not un-following you any time soon. You're hilarious and your blog posts, while sometimes illogical, are extremely entertaining.

    I say "sometimes illogical" because I like to think I'm an exception to your "Women are stupid" stereotype.

  9. I personally agree with, "women go after assholes and men go for slutty teases"! I am a silly, silly girl though because USUALLY when I hop my fat ass down to read a's just an opinion! I'll become a regular reader, love the whole Friday title! Awesome!

  10. PISS i had typed a huge comment then with my awesome gaming mouse i hit the back button on it... damn expensive things and thiers stupidity.

    well put. although i feel as though your missing some thing in this post but due to time constraints i can accept that. now get the fuck over to my house we have JD to drink and a kegger to crash. ill sneak your fat ass in the back door if i have to.

  11. Did someone say JD and a kegger? I heard that all the way from my house, which is thankfully just down the street

  12. I hate our society. How are you ever supposed to go on dates if you can't flirt with people? Are we going to go back in time to the 1500s where we have to ask fathers' permission to 'court their daughter?' Otherwise, God forbid, it might be sexual harassment, because I told her I thought she was fun to spend time with and wanted to go have coffee.


My frail ego requires validation.