Friday, August 12, 2011

For Fuck Sakes Friday. Fuck you blogger.

I wrote this marvelous post about this chick who has a thing for me and it's really awkward but blogger ate it, shit it out and now it looks like
This guy wrote it.

I want to stab blogger in the neck with a hepatitis infected prison shank. 

I've got too much shit to deal with at work right now. You'll get the post when I say so. 

Fuck you blogger, I hope you fall down ass first onto a cactus.


  1. Soulds like another fun-filled Friday in your world :S

  2. Wow...sounds like a great start to your day. I got pretty freaking sick of blogger so when I was forced to shut down JewelsTurning30 and move to wordpress it was a great opportunity to drop it on its whore ass! Fuck blogger.

    PS...don't forget to come to the new blog location!

  3. THIS is exactly why I left blogger. And I refuse to capitalize that cunty faced whore's name. Bummer about your post. If you plan on sticking with blogger, maybe type your posts in Word then copy and paste. That's what I started doing when I was still on there. That way when it swallows your shit like an Aurora Avenue prostite swallows dick, you'll not have lost EVERYTHING.

  4. *prostitute too. Shut up. I've been up since 3:30 this morning.

  5. Yeah, I'm paranoid about this shit, so I do exactly what SFT used to. It takes me no more than about 5 minutes to do a post, because I do everything off-line. But I totally agree with the premise of the post...

  6. Has anyone ever heard of the 7 OSI Layers? Or perhaps the most common.. the 8th OSI error?

  7. blogger's been riding my tits lately too. i do exactly the same thing as sft, i write out my post in pages and then just cut and paste so i won't lose everything.

    i don't want to leave blogger, but this shit really is pissing me off.

  8. Ugh. Sounds exactly like my Friday. F*ck Blogger indeed!!!!


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