Monday, January 2, 2012

My Weekend Monday: I'm Back

Oi, fellow internet travelers... or loiterers for most of you. I'm back from my little hiatus.  I have to be honest and say that I missed you. Not a whole lot but a little. I'm excited to start the new year. I have some high hopes for this year.

For those of you that have been around since this time last year when I was on my old blog and made some new years resolutions. I'm glad to report that I kept two of them. The first was "That I won't go to Cuba this year" Well I didn't go to Cuba so that is a win for me... I guess. (this was one of those resolutions I wanted to break) The other was that I would quit smoking. Which I accomplished the last week of 2011. So still a win for me I guess.

This means that I should come up with some new ones for this year. I'm going to keep the one I want to break but modify it. "I will not go on a tropical vacation this year." They say most people fail to keep their resolutions so... I'm going to lay on a beach somewhere. Another resolution I have is to get a girlfriend. Which means I have to date and keep her around to the point that we aren't just dating but have stepped into that "relationship" zone. The next one I have is probably going to help with that last one. I want to get a body that looks like this.

Crazy, stupid, love.

I know it is possible because he used to look like this....

I'll get the inspiration wherever I can.

Alright now that the New Years crap is all taken care of I'll tell you about my little vacation.

TL;DR "It was awesome"

The sunset driving to the mountains. 

Another shot Cause I thought it was pretty.


The bottom of the hill.


The outdoor pool and hot tub at the resort we stayed at.

The top

The view

Hiking opportunity that I declined.

Another view shot.

Cool Lighting


if you look down below there is a lake... that is Lake Louise. 

the drive home

Another shot of the drive home


Those are all my pictures but I feel I didn't do it justice so here are some professional shots.

A close up of the Chateau on the Lake. (I didn't stay there, I'm way too poor for that)

Banff Springs hotel (I didn't stay here either, still too poor.)

The hot springs where I got a deep tissue massage then soaked.
It was awesome.

There was a lot of good riding on the hill, some good quality time spent with family. I also saw the Beauty and the Beast Broadway show here in Calgary on New Years Eve. 

So fantastic.
Then the drinking began and I'm still feeling it today, where I'm sitting back at my desk in my office. Woot! Here is to another fantastic year.

Later days and much love,


  1. Congrats on the fun little break from the internet.

    And as far as goals go, yours aren't bad.

    Welcome to 2012. Enjoy the ride.

  2. Your vaca picks are beautiful! Although, a little too much snow for my liking when it comes to vacations... Glad you are back, it's been boring without you and your adventures!

  3. Those pictures are stunning! Just wow.

    Also...if you achieve the Ryan Gosling body I promise the girlfriend will follow. Okay...that was shitty and untrue. You're already a hottie. You'll find her, I know you will. Great resolutions and congrats on keeping last years. :)

  4. Yay for quitting smoking!!! I agree with RG, that's too much snow, but it's pretty to look at, while I'm wearing shorts and flip flops. I hope 2012 is a great year for you, Hero.

  5. Great pics! I've heard about the beauty of Banff...gotta get there someday. It's been a much too mild winter here in Jersey; I might have to go to Canada if I ever want to see snow again!

    Good luck with the girlfriend and the Ryan Gosling bod. If you get 'em both, you should def. take that tropical vacation haha.

  6. Ew. Snow. Sorry, but I grew up in Denver and have had enough of it. Glad you had a good time. Good luck on the goals for 2012, but I have to ask where the "no tropical vacations" thing comes from? Is it the umbrella drinks? Or do Canadians just hate warm, luxurious getaways?

  7. It's the umbrella drinks. More Canadians die from umbrella drinks every year the polar bear attacks and collapsed igloos combined!

  8. I still can't believe we had NO snow in CT over Christmas. I was so bummed!

    Just FYI, people who look like RG does in that first pic are typically self-centered a-holes, since they only focus on making themselves look like that. I'd rather have a softer man who has a bit wider perspective. I bet a lot of girls feel that way, too. :)


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