Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Taking a Holiday Break.

I have at least two pieces of news for you today.

I pulled a booger out of my nose that was so long it actually triggered my gag reflex but cured the tickle that was making me cough.

I am also going to be taking a break from posting till probably the new year. I am going to be super busy at work till the 23rd then I'm off on a mini vacation till the second. I have a busy holiday planned. I drive to my aunts place on the 24th and spend the night then back to Calgary for the night of the 25th then I go to the mountains for a week with the family to snowboard and just relax. I'm looking forward to it. I promise I'll come back and write a whole bunch of cool things. I may even have pictures.

Till then I want to say happy holidays and I hope that all of your respective celebrations bring you lots of joy, smiles, laughter and a sense of love. It is a fantastic time of year and I appreciate each and every one of you that reads my blog, you help keep me sane. Well mostly I guess.

I almost forgot, since I wont see you before, Happy New years as well.

Later days,

This is what I get to look at for the next little bit.


  1. I can't believe we're spending $1500 to fly to CT where there is NO SNOW, and then you put up that picture and act all snooty with your vacation plans. Jerkface.
    xoxo, Happy Christmas, Hero.

  2. Have a great time, Hero. Don't tell Maresi, but we even have snow in AZ, and I will be skiing on it after New Year's. Safe travels.

  3. I think that first thought was so long it triggered my gag reflect. Ew ew ew ew ew.

    Hope you have a good holiday though!

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...I will be doing the same. Enjoy your time off. :)

  5. Drink a lot.

    Get laid.

    Regret nothing.


    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Enjoy it, because it's the last new year's eve EVAR!!!! MWA HA HA!!!!

  6. I like Lost's instructions... follow them and have an awesome hiatus!

  7. Snowboarding trip sounds great. Might be renting a cabin with some friends over New Year's as well but that is still tentative.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. I read the booger sentence and was too distracted to finished reading the post because OHMYGODI'MSOIMPRESSED.

  9. note to self: do not eat while reading nth's blog.

    happy new year!


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