Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Update.

I know it's Monday so technically I owe you a "My weekend Monday" post or even a "Hungover Monday" post but this is going to be a little bit more than that.

As my more frequent readers know I've started going in a New Direction, it involved not drinking and losing weight. Well this last week was a non-starter. There were some issues with rule clarifications and eventually a fed up NtH and Token went out and got hammered drunk on Thursday. Which led to me taking Friday off of work then ended up seeing the inside of the Calgary police administration building's holding cells. Don't worry they were completely unrelated events.

I found out I had a warrant out for my arrest for an unpaid transit fine some evil shit. I voluntarily turned my self in and paid the fine. I was going to have to take time off work to do this anyway so Friday was a perfect opportunity to clear my record.

Since the Challenge was postponed everyone involved went out on Saturday to watch the hockey game and have a round of beer before the actual challenge started today.

This is what the beer was served in.
It's called a Tower.
(that's Ginger's ugly mug)

This isn't to say that I wasn't already going to the gym last week because I was. It just means we start over and no one gets their head shaved... yet.

I have been rock climbing more than ever and I can honestly say that I missed it. Wow am I out of shape though. I have no stamina in my hand strength anymore. The skill is still there but I can only climb for about 30 minutes before my hands no longer obey me when I tell them not to let me fall off of the rocks.

On a side note, when Token and I went out on Thursday I met a new girl. Now don't get excited, she is moving away in January for 4 months, so nothing is going to come of it. I must have the worst luck when it comes to women. She was a good kisser though.

My "Family" dinner was last night as well. It is a weekly dinner party my sisters put on. Last night was turkey dinner, it tasted fantastic but when dinner was over I began losing touch with reality. I felt super tired and couldn't form proper thoughts or maintain conversations. Kinda scary, so I left, drove home, (I know I'm smart like that) and promptly fell asleep. I hope being over tired was all it was cause I felt really weird and hadn't experienced that before.

Anyway I think that is all that has happened in the last week.

Later Days,


  1. sorry, why are we shaving our heads again?

    and i tried to guess what bar that is, but it doesn't look like the french maid or speak easy so i really have no idea...;)

  2. We have towers here and they are a thing of beauty. Glad to see that no shaved heads needed to result in the enjoyment of one. :) Now you work on that hand stamina...and yes I took that to such a dirty horrible place. I need help.

  3. Jewels made me giggle with the hand strength comment,,, I too had taken it there in my head already but to see it typed made me laugh! Get on your challenge dude! Although I am found of bald-by-choice guys....

  4. Yeah, I saw the inside of Denver County Jail for the same reason. *darts eyes back and forth*

    Perhaps if you masterbated more you would be a better rock climber. Just a thought.

  5. Every resolution needs a good "push back" period.

    The "weekly" family dinner sounds like an awesome thing. We're trying to do something similar with my roommates.

  6. When I found out that I no longer had the hand strength for rock climbing I went bouldering :p


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