Monday, January 9, 2012

My weekend Monday: 100th post.

Yay! I've stuck to something long enough to make it to a milestone. I'm my own super hero today. I was hoping that my 100th post would be filled with ridiculous amounts of good news and awesome, but that isn't the case. I had a really busy weekend that was filled with fun but nothing blatantly awesome.

Friday was a lot of fun. Token and I were the only ones that were really available to go out and have a bit of a social life. Vegas was babysitting and with a nickname like Vegas you can guess why this is unusual. Junior was out of town and Ginger was being a pussy because he had to work in the morning.

We did what we always do. Predrink at Token's place, where I get exasperated explaining basic science to the dumb bitch that lives with them. We leave and head out to one of my favorite places. The Ship and Anchor. Why is it one of my favorites?

To be honest it probably shouldn't be because it is a hipster bar and sometimes it even smells like a hipster. I like it anyway because they have my favorite beer for cheap and the service is good. The bouncer is a really cool guy. They let us play drinking games and I almost always leave with a girl's number. I suppose those are some good enough reasons.

For instance, while at the bar on Friday I met probably the best looking 43 yr old woman ever. I would not have guessed that she was 43.

Her name is Lori Andrews and she is a local photographer and designer.
So hot. 
She was out with her friend Chelsea who was also incredibly attractive. I'd post a picture but if you're that curious you should just go look at Lori's page. We had some good conversation with them and they somehow managed to get my twitter and therefore my blog as well. So if they read this they'll find out how gorgeous I thought they were. They left because they were disturbed by the hipster beards. I didn't blame them, but I realized I had a beard... They said my beard was nice though. Probably because I don't let it grow out and make me look homeless.

They seem to think I should try and make some money off of this blog. I hadn't really thought about doing that but now the idea is planted we'll see where it goes.

Friday ended with us laughing at some younger kids as they flailed around trying to talk to girls. It didn't work out so well for the kids or us. Token and I ended up looking like assholes.

Saturday, I spent most of it in bed wondering why I drink and do this to myself. Then I got up and got the ball rolling on getting rid of my fucking FJ cruiser. Everyone I talk to is all "Why would you want to do that? I think they are fantastic." Fuck you, drive one and enjoy the blind spots. Even the car salesman said "Fuck that shit" after he drove it to the appraiser. The good news is if I can get financed I'll be getting a little gas sipping VW golf.

I was going to try and get a date to take to the hockey game and I probably could have if I had thought of it before Friday night. Needless to say I didn't, so I took Token to his first ever live NHL game.

We had some pretty good seats.
The game was good, Calgary won beating the Minnesota Wild 3-1. We left the game and went to meet up with Vegas. The three of us went back to the Ship and Anchor again. More drinking ensued. Vegas met a girl. Little young for my tastes but good for him. 

The end of the night rolled around and we walked to our next stop which I had been planning since before the hockey game.

A restaurant dedicated to french fries, cheese, and gravy. So good.

I met a couple girls in line that felt it was necessary to let me know that they were Bi-sexual. I thought that was fantastic news. The two longest relationships I've ever had were with Bi women. I had a great time talking to them and got one of their numbers but was informed it would work for both of them. The conversation ended with them telling me that even though they are Bi they still really enjoy straight sex. 

Now to just figure out how to text them and get one of them to go out with me. I haven't mastered that part yet. Hence my post on Friday about Communication. 

Sunday was spent recovering as usual. 

I'm supposed to have dinner with Vino this week. I still have no idea if this is something that could possibly be romantic or not. I have my hopes but I'm too cynical to actually think it is going to work. 

Will keep you informed. 

Later Days,


  1. Your new friend is lovely. And she's 43? Must be that clean Canadian air.

    So you and Token saw Jarome Iginla's 500th goal, yes? That must have been awesome. Iggy's a class act... unlike that punkass Dany Heatley. Fuck that guy.

    Poutine rules and everything, but are the folks at the Big Cheese Poutinerie really implying that you will grow cartoonishly large muscles from eating it?

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  2. congrats on your milestone! Sounds like you had another lovely weekend. Good luck with the hot photog and/or the bi girls.

  3. 100 posts, a hottie, and possible money in the future?

    YOU, sir, do it right. Congrats!

  4. I have it on good authority that 43 year old women are fucking awesome!

  5. Congrats on your 100 milestone, meeting hot older women, and finally getting Token to his first NHL game though going to his first at his age is a CRIME especially in freaking Canada!

  6. You say 43 like that's SOOOOOOO old. Older women are hot and awesome and totally the bomb, FYI. :)

  7. Poutine is one of the most perfect foods ever invented.
    She is the most attractive 43 year old I have ever not met in real life.
    What what, pray tell, do hipsters smell like? There are plenty of them here in Salt Lake but I make it a point not to get too close.


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