Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A question on Etiquette.

I hinted yesterday that I went out on new years eve. It was a riot. Not a real riot but an allegorical riot.

The beer tub girl handed me a handful of pill bottle shots the moment I walked into the bar. Apparently she was quitting and didn't give a flying fuck about her job. I didn't mind because hey, free booze.

The evening's shenanigans included, Ginger, Junior, Token, and I. At midnight we drank an Irish Car-bomb. If you've never had one, you aren't living. I managed to meet a couple girls one of them was showing off her engagement ring, from her fiance that wasn't there but was celebrating new years at home. Yea, I didn't get that either. What guy in love with a girl wouldn't want to spend new years with her? Meh, whatever, her friend was cute. We chatted for a while. Then they were leaving all to quickly. I got her number though. Or at least I thought I did.

Later / as I was getting the number, Token and Junior were arguing about making fun of Ginger for being a chicken shit that never hits on girls and hasn't been laid in forever. Junior was saying that a friend should help a friend out, build them up, and support them. While Token's stance was to make fun of him till he Mans the Fuck Up. The funny thing was while this was happening I had no idea where Ginger was. Turns out he was on the dance floor making out with a chick. The irony wasn't lost on me at all.

Needless to say the night ended with Ginger bringing a whole bunch three girls back to Token and his place. I thought one of them was cute and ended up cuddling wither he on a chair. Don't ask it worked. I walked her home and got her number. I've been chatting with her a bit, not a whole lot but men, now that I'm sober she wasn't that much of a "OMG I MUST HAVE" and more of a, I suppose that could work. Generally not inspiring me to clamor after her.

Instead I was more interested in the first girl, the one with the engaged friend. Here's the thing. I have her full name and what I thought was her number. So, I text her something smart assed and flirty. I get a "Sorry your message to ***-***-**** could not be delivered. We attempted 3 times with no answer. Please try again later." I've never received this kind of notice for delivery failure, I don't think it is from my provider. could it be from her?

Here's the question on etiquette. What do I do? Try to send to the same number again? Send her a message on Facebook? or just forget about it.

My friend Bart told me I should show up at her house and serenade her with a lute and song. I don't think that will go over well. 

I'll keep you posted.

Later Days,

PS. Oh and Vino has gotten a normal day job now and has informed me that we need to schedule dinners. Fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, a lute. That's... creative.

    Good luck!

  2. The failed number thing sounds like something I'd chalk up as a loss imo.

  3. hmm, that's a tricky thing. It could have been an easy digit switch or something when you took her number or it could have been a deliberate thing, a shitty thing, but deliberate none the less. I've always been super-direct and just not created that situation but I'm not saying I wouldn't consider it a time or two. I say, don't chase. Is she really something so awesome you would want to hunt her down and let her know she's awesome or do you just want her more now because she is a harder to get??

  4. You see I'd chalk it up to her giving me the wrong number but it could be the right number and just didn't send properly. I'm confused because the name she gave me is her real name.

  5. What would be your witty response if the text was from her? That would be an interesting test.

    Sort of like the "come up with a caption" contests. Except if you win, you get to date her.


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