Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post Date Blinks: The Russian.

First thoughts. Stream of consciousness style. 

I think the date went well. I was attracted to her, which I was worried about because her dating profile pics weren't exactly whole body shots, but I was pleasantly surprised. The next thing I noticed was her smile. It's big, but not overly. I liked it. The next I noticed was that she had already ordered a beer, I called her on it and she said it wasn't her fault the waitress made it sound so amazing. Very cheeky, I liked it. After that we settled into conversation where we talked back and forth. I still did most of the talking, but I think that is par for the course apparently because, well, I'm interesting and like to tell stories. Unlike the last POF date that I went on this girl was able to contribute more to the conversation than a brick wall. Better yet she had opinions and we were able to discuss things. Things that probably shouldn't be talked about on a first date but meh it happened. 

What things, you might ask. Well, first their was the conversation about the guy with HIV that was charged with attempted murder for having unprotected sex with women. Then there was the topic about death and funerals.

Overall I think it was good. We had fantastic conversation even if the topics were off course. The big question though. Was there any chemistry? I have no fucking clue. Which is funny because at some point in the evening the fact men can't tell if a woman is interested was brought up. I said I was different, I was wrong. 

I realized that she was a little insecure by reading her body language and such. I also realized that she has trust issues. When I went to drop her off at the end of the night IN MY NEW CAR !!!! she wouldn't tell me the address then made me drop her off at the corner and then declined my offer to walk her to her door. Little caution never hurt anyone I guess. 

Anyway, I think I will give this one another go. When it comes to chemistry, I didn't expect us to tear each other's clothes off so good conversation laughs and smiles. I think this was a good one. I'll ask her out again and see where it goes. 

It's late and I need sleep. 

Later Days,

Ps. She is getting a nick name The Russian because she was born in Russia, but that is as far as that goes. No accent or anything. Has trouble pronouncing uncommon words sometimes but I just thought it was cute. 


  1. Any date that you walk away from feeling good and having enjoyed the time invested is a win in my book. And the fact that you would like to do it again is a good sign. Even if the physical chemistry isn't readily apparent, it may surprise you when it comes down to it.
    When I first met Twin, I said to myself "not going to happen!" like immediately. But when I just enjoyed the first few dates and it came down to test the chemistry, was phenomenal! No one was more surprised than me!

  2. Cue up the "in Soviet Russia" jokes...

    Well, the fact that you're willing to give it another shot means there was some chemistry... hopefully she feels the same way.

  3. I don't know if I'd call it trust issues. Would depend on neighborhood/era and date but rather being smart. It's paranoia only until someone turns up strangled.

    On a separate note, glad to hear you'll be asking her out again!


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