Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This isn't a real post. Read it anyway.

This isn't much of a real post, it's more of an FYI, or one of those Emergency broadcasts that interrupts your favorite TV show to tell you something mundane. Like some tornado located 150 miles away. "Shut the fuck up! I'm watching ninja turtles."

So this week has been crazy. I've purchased a car to replace my fucking beast of an FJ, and I couldn't be happier about that. I've been trying to get rid of it for almost a year. I'm getting a nice gas sipping VW Golf. I pick it up tonight at 6.

Now onto the real juicy stuff. I have a date tonight. It is another date, so it could go any which direction. It will of course make fantastic blog fodder. There will be a "Post Date Blinks" tonight probably right after the date is over, as that is the best time to write about it.

In other NtH news, I am going out for dinner with Vino tomorrow. I thought, "perfect, a great way for us to reconnect after losing that spark we had when we first met 6 months ago." Holy fuck, it's already been six months since we met. Where the fuck does time go?

I was actually more excited about the dinner with Vino than I was about the date tonight. This all changed when I got a text this morning. "Zach is goingto come for dinner too-" Not asking, telling. Well shit in my mouth and call me your sister. Zach is a good guy, I've met him before and actually passed out on his couch once. I'm sure it will be a pleasant evening filled with laughs and good conversation, but my odds of progressing to a more romantic relationship with her just went down the shitter. On a side note: I know that Zach has had a thing for Vino as well, so this could be a recipe for disaster. More good blogging material I guess.

I promise I won't be this guy.

Vino picked the restaurant, Greek. I may be able to get a good lamb shank out of this as well.

Is it odd that I think about all the shitty things that happen in my life in a more positive light because I can now entertain people with it?

Anyway till later this evening,


  1. So you know that the Vino situ is flatlined in the romance department right? The only time I invite a friend, especially a guy friend, out with another guy is to run the interference/distraction on the dude that wants to think it's a date. Girls suck huh?
    I too seem to take even the shitty stuff with a little more positive attitude simply because I have people that will read and appreciate my tragedy when I post it. Therapy!

  2. Just remember to go to the dinner with a full recap of what a great date you had today ha

  3. Yeah I agree with Random Girl, this is a not-so-subtle move to make sure this isn't a date.

    But with that in mind, that makes tonight all that much better because you will be more free of distraction.

  4. Knowing you have an outlet you can spew out all the rotten things that happen and likely make others laugh about it somehow makes it a little less rotten.

  5. What RG said. You've been friendzoned hard... how long will you dwell? Time will tell.

    Grats on the new car.


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