Monday, January 23, 2012

UpDATES... see what I did there?

I am sorry.

Now that you've forgiven me for being a terrible blogger and not keeping you informed, I shall do my best to inform you on the recent comings and goings in my little life.

Oh, sorry as well for that "hate filled diatribe" of a post about SOPA and how it isn't nearly as important as the NDAA or the EEA, and how no one not very many people have noticed those on the way to getting passed, but "OMG, Wikipedia is down!!!" protest of the century.  I'm glad I'm Canadian. Yes, I'm still a little upset.

Apparently there was a conglomeration of shit going on in the parts of my brain that regulate migraines and the pressure switch clicked over and I was in an immensely pained, tunnel visioned, numb armed, nausea filled delirium for the majority of Thursday and Friday. When I wasn't writhing in pain, I was asleep and once I awoke, I felt a little worn down and abused.

So outside of that, I have been a busy little bee when it comes to the dating world.

Firstly I'll update on the Russian. This is going well. I think. We've gone out a couple more times.

So I went against some of your suggestions and had her come over on Wednesday to cook her dinner and watch a movie. I had posted on Twitter asking which to stir fry, tofu or fish. I ended up going with shrimp. Win! She brought over this cake. Normally I don't like cake but this was fantastic. She really enjoyed the stir fry and then we cuddled on the couch watching "Dog Day Afternoon." Which if you've seen before, I hadn't, is a really fucked up movie. It's a normal bank robbing movie for the most part till about half way through, then you find out something weird and the whole scope of the movie changes. Even more fucked up is that it is a true story. I recommend watching it, just not on a date.

Next I was going to suggest something on Saturday that would have taken us out of the house, into the frigid winter air to watch some amazing musicians do a decent job on a mediocre composer's work at the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Before I could though she suggested, "How about we drink good beer, and watch planet earth. a relatively boring movie so we can make out." (italics is me reading between the lines) I, of course, said yes.

My ability to read subtext was correct. Well mostly, we didn't really start making out till after the movie. During which I learned that telling a pescetarian that the ducks, caribou, elk, and deer taste good is kind of a faux pas. Then after the movie was over we had our first kiss. Around 45 minutes later we were cuddling on my bed thinking it was very hot in the room. Either that or we were wearing to much clothing. Yes, we were still fully clothed you perverts.

Next, onto the other girl. I've called her Fybro in the past but I find that to be a little too insensitive so I'm going to change her name to Red. I met her first for coffee on Saturday. We chatted for a bit and things went really well. I had to cut the date short due to a previous request from my sister requiring a ride.

No worries though. I know she has issues with being out in the cold and walking for too long due to her condition, so I invited her over for dinner on Sunday. I know jumping ahead a little inviting her into my little world a bit ahead of what is considered normal, but you know what? Fuck off. It worked.

It was a pleasant evening. I've got a couple small problems with this one though, but I'll get to that.


Oh, what the fuck, how did I get a post within a post? I'll run with it.

The Russian: I'm not sure where this is going because she has dropped hints that she is defending her thesis in June and then has plans to travel. She also doesn't summer in the city, as she is from Vancouver. I'm tied down to this city. I own part of a condo and have a full time regular job. Travel isn't really in the picture for a while. Especially long term travel. This could be a problem easily understood but trying to get this girl to communicate feelings and such is like hacking the Playstation network. I'm sure it can be done but I lack the necessary skill set to do so. I know she likes me because of the whole make out session, but she would stop and roll away from me randomly and wouldn't say anything. She would shake her head roll back over and kiss me again. She also kept asking me what I was thinking. She wasn't satisfied with "How awesome this is."

I saw this comic earlier today that kinda fits.

We'll see where it goes with her. Will keep you posted.

Red: She is the same age as me but about 5 years behind on life. I didn't think her condition would be that huge of an issue because she said she is high functioning. Turns out though that "high functioning" isn't as high as I'd like; no climbing, no hiking, no skiing, no arduous physical exertion. Also no cold. She is also goo goo eyed for somethings that I couldn't care less about. Other than the fybromyalgia there isn't really any deal breakers.

I'm supposed to go out with both of them again. I will keep you posted.

Later Days,


  1. ::laughs:: Ok, so I don't do the gooey girly thing often with guys because they usually miss the cue, but when I ask a guy, "What are you thinking", it really means, "I hope he tells me he's thinking something specific about me/us."

    I'm probably breaking female code by telling you this. If you don't hear from me again, or my blog suddenly shuts down... this is why.

    1. It also means she's asking you to make a move.

      What she's hoping you'd say, in a more smooth fashion, is "I was wondering if you could get your ankles behind your head..."

      She wanted to you pursue more.

      Now, as a musician, I have to ask: Who was the mediocre composer?

  2. The last guy that asked me what I was thinking about got this answer..."I had a dream about chocolate covered penis." Be warned not ask questions you don't want the truthful answer to. What ever goes on in somebody's head when they are making out? this about to go further? Wonder if we're gonna get naked? God, I'm so happy I shaved. I hope he's as good at sex as he is at kissing. Man this feels nice. Duh!

    I am really not a fan of that all...unless somebody is giving me a totally blank stare it just isn't appropriate.

  3. I'm with Jewels, don't ask that question. Ever. You will either be disappointed or shocked by the answer and either way it could get in the way of getting naked. She should know better. It was a test.

  4. I love giving really random answers like "oh just what Sartre would do in this situation" Or "just wondering why there are SO many police actions-dramas on TV, and yet they still make more".
    I also Like asking it when someone looks like they are thinking something interesting... like a conversation starter.


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