Friday, June 3, 2011

Soft-Core Friday: Love is good, but lust burns more calories.

Warning this post contains gratuitous amounts of the word fuck and all of its conjunctions.

I have to give a shout out to Random girl for the weekly theme and for my blog title today. If you don't read their shit, you should. If you're not going to, I will find you, and because I'm feeling generous ... tickle you to death. Well maybe not death, but at least till you piss yourself then I'll make you walk home. Depending on who you are that could be a long walk in some uncomfortable pants. This got way out of control.

I've been doing a lot of driving lately. I fucking hate traffic. Calgary has 2 seasons: Winter and Construction. Either way you ain't getting anywhere fast. Everyone on the planet thinks Canadians are polite people. Try driving here. Regardless, because I've been doing a lot of driving I've been listening to the radio a lot. I've noticed a trend in music. I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice but there are really only 2 and a half topics for songs: love and partying, or a mixture of the two called "fucking". This got me thinking about love and fucking. Are they mutually exclusive?

For instance this song.

This is straight up about fucking. I love a "good" fuck. They are a lot harder to come by then just a random fuck. In the song the chick makes it perfectly clear she wants nothing more than a solid fuck. Sweet deal.

Then a song like his pops into mind.
I really don't know what to say about it, but I like it.

And of course.
The video for the song is actually too crazy to be on YouTube, so you get a lyric video, sorry. Fucking deal with it.

I love the idea all of these songs portray. It is fun, it is raw, and it is passionate. My inner monster just wants to have some random raunchy debauched sex.

Then a song like this comes on.
First of all, I want to do everything from those first songs to her. As for the lyrics it stirs the romantic in me. I'm surprised though because I thought I'd lost that part of me under the bed with my missing socks, 80's playboy magazines, the hooker from last weekend, my sleeping bag and backpack.

Or this song,
I just want to reach out and give the girl a hug. I want to feel that love that gives butterflies in the stomach, the clammy hands when I knock on her door to pick her up for a date. I want the type of love that she wrote the song about.

My drive home lately is an emotional roller coaster of wanting to go out and just fuck "to the windows, to the walls, till the sweat drops down my balls" (oh Lil' Jon who knew your words would define a generation's wet dreams) or find a girl and treat her right. Romance her and show her the more sophisticated side of me that shows up at the symphony.

 I guess I still have my "teenage dream" of finding a girl that I can take "porn star dancing" then get her "alone again" so we can be "satisfied" and she won't be a "crazy bitch" in the end.

 I don't want love and fucking to be mutually exclusive, it's too much work. What's so wrong with wanting the best of both worlds?

Later Days


  1. Want to know something funny about "Crazy Bitch?" My current gf and I call it 'our song.' If we ever get married, we are going to do our first dance to a slowed-down version of Crazy Bitch.

    And thanks for the shoutout. I love that line so much. :D

  2. Well done Hero... you took my "Soft-Core Friday" and did it right! And I totally agree with you about being torn between just wanting a great fuck and wanting to give your love to someone. For me, at the moment, I have one consistently and the other is nowhere to be found. I'm not complaining as a good fuck serves it's purpose (thank you fireman for last night) but I do kind of want to find the everything in one place as well. Love the song choices!

  3. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting both, and I wish we could all have it. Personally, I'm considering setting my house on fire so a fireman like Random Girl's will just give me what I need at the moment... besides putting the fire out to save my stuff. :)

  4. @Lost: I had friends dedicate that song to a girl I was dating... was being the operative term. As for the line I borrowed, I couldn't resist.

    @Randy & @Krissy: I think I got in the wrong profession. I should have been a fireman.

  5. It would be hard to be a fireman if you aren't willing to be the hero. LOL I must admit firemen are pretty damn hot though. All that bravery and stuff...

  6. @krissy: See another reason to be a fireman, I could change my moniker.

    It isn't that I'm not willing to be the Hero. It's that more often than not, I fail at it.

  7. Oh the dirty things I would do to Katy Perry.

  8. I think its great. I still feel like just getting laid sometimes, but the majority of the time its a mix even with my "friends" there is still affection and romancing and a connection even if it isnt a forever after thing.

  9. I have lesbian fantasies about Katy Perry.


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