Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boobies and a new dating site.

There is a radio station here in town that wants to give away a 10k dollar breast augmentation. The way to win? Put a picture of yourself on the interwebs and say why you think you deserve the surgery. Then the public vote. This doesn't inherently bother me. Plastic surgery is performed everyday. What bothers me is something else. The sponsor of the contest. It isn't a little doctors office, or a cosmetic surgery clinic. It's a bar. The type of bar that lets hot chicks in for free. The type of bar that will give the slutty dressed girls free drinks. This is fucking stupid.

Now a caller that called the radio station had a good point. The contest isn't for implants, it's for augmentation. There are women out there that should get breast reductions for health reasons. However a lot of women can't get it because it is still considered to be a cosmetic surgery so isn't covered by health insurance. If this happens I'll be super stoked and take back my "This is fucking stupid" comment.

However, reading the fine print of the rules, the finalists are not decided on by the public. They will be decided by the radio and the sponsor bar. There will not be women on there that are trying to get smaller breasts. It just isn't good entertainment.

Moving on!

There is a problem here in Calgary, and Alberta in general. The government is taking a very interesting way of dealing with it. I'll let you see it and decide.

and for the ladies.

I'm so disturbed. They are also running radio adds. The website actually exists. It almost looks legit.

Like this profile here. The whole website is a farce. They are trying to educate people about syphilis but I think they are going about it the wrong way.

The controversy is that Plenty of Fish is now getting really pissed off about it. They don't want to be associated with STIs obviously.

They are also running TV adds that look like the meth adds that were run a while ago. Those are effective, and I think they should stick to it.

Either way I'm still practicing safe sex. The adds I guess are raising awareness which is a good thing.

That's it from me.

Later Days.


  1. I think that pretty ingenious to use a dating site lookalike as a PSA.


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