Monday, June 6, 2011

My weekend.

I have to be honest here and say that my weekend was surprisingly low key. Not saying I didn't do anything, because lets be honest here. I am always doing something.

So Friday I went out to a friends birthday party. This was kind of interesting because a lot of my friend's friends are a little on the, how do you say it, pussy, easily offended side of life. She has a friend that is getting her Phd. in social work, a whole bunch of school teachers and the like. I mean these are people that "care".

I did my best not to offend anyone's sensibilities but I think I failed when someone brought up the "Justin Bieber" board game. I asked if that was the one where he had to suck his managers cock. I was told that I went to far with that and it wasn't funny. I laughed anyway.

I met a girl that was really cool. She had a similar sense of humor as I did. (she laughed at the Justin thing) There was an issue though that stopped me from pursuing her. What is the maximum height difference allowed in a couple? I'm 6'2 and she was 5'1. It just felt awkward thinking dirty thoughts about her so how could I do dirty things to her, so why bother trying...

Saturday we were all hung over so we played board games. I played the board game "Things" for the first time. Hilarious game if played with the right type of people. If you've never played before it involves a question about things, then everyone write down an answer, one person reads them all, then everyone takes turns guessing who wrote what. Hilarity ensues.

"Things you shouldn't put on the table?"  Answer. "A velociraptor".
"Things you  shouldn't laugh at? Answer "Anything Hero says"
"Things you don't see in the city? Answer "Black people with jobs"

We played for hours. Those aren't all the answers just some of the ones I could remember. I think it would be an awesome drinking game.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous outside. So I went to the park with a friend. The park we went to is called "Prince's island park"

It is an island in the river right next to down town. Walking distance from my condo.

I urge you to click on the images to get the full effect

Massive tree blocking some of Calgary's nice architecture. 

The bridge over part of the river. The majority of the river is on the other side of the island.

The walkway from my house to the park. It pretty much all looks this amazing.

I woke up to rain this morning, so these pictures brightened my day.

Later Days Everyone.

Ps. Oh I went and got twitter @Not_the_hero. I'm new to it so gimme a bit to get rolling. I also managed to get 50 followers. Cool and welcome new people.


  1. Those are some great pictures you took.

    And the answers in the game were hilarious.

  2. Shame on you! How many times have girls had to reassure their guy "size doesn't matter"
    I am 5 foot nothing and I LOVE uber tall men. Don't let her small size deter you next time. I hear that great things come in small packages.

  3. What rebecccccccccccccccccccca said. I'm a tall bloke, and I've dated girls with that wide of a height difference.

    It's not as awkward as you think. It's actually kind of fun.

  4. @Trash: I just wish I had kept all the little scraps of paper and the corresponding questions. So many laughs were had.

    @Becca: I usually love the short chicks. Anything over 5'8 is generally a no go. I still like to be taller even when they wear heals. This being said, there was still something off putting about the girl. Might have been the short hair combined with lack of curves on top of being short. As for great things in small packages... "That's what she said???" lol

    @lost: The awkwardness would have come from the fact she looked 12... I think that is what it boils down to. She is actually 22, acts 22 but looks 12.

  5. Now those are valid reasons.

    I can see how not looking close to legal age would be an issue.

    This game sounds fun, I can't wait to force my friends to play it with me.

  6. That joke was hilarious. Whoever didn't laugh clearly has no soul.

    My wife is 5 foot nothing and looks like she's 12, also. But I love it. I can throw her around like a rag doll and because of good genes, it'll be years upon years before she actually begins to look her age and I discard her for a much younger woman.

  7. That park looks like it was stolen from heaven. *-*

  8. I wouldn't get offended by the joke, but I don't get it. How is it funny? I don't think it's politically incorrect or anything.. I'm just a bit on the slow side...

    Anyway, why does your life sound so much like heaven? (kind of like the park...) I want to do fun stuff on weekends too...

  9. Good call on the Bieber joke. I would have laughed super loud to make everyone around me feel akward :P

    You should probably watch the short comments when you have B reading your blog. Shes like a tiny firecracker. To her credit she definately doesnt look like a 12 year old. Her tata's are way to large for that ;)

    Im sure I'll get crap for that last one. I would imagine it would come when I am drunk and have no way to fight back. I actually have that game just havent ever played it before. Gonna have to get it out now.

  10. @Becca: You have to play that game. It is hilarious, if played with funny people.

    @ABftS: I know anything involving making fun of bieber is hilarious.
    Also the wife thing, grats I and good luck with the future younger women in your life.

    @Peace: Those photo's don't even do it justice.

    @Leila: The joke is that Bieber is gay, and uses sexual favors to become famous. My life is heaven because that is what I wanted my life to be like. Cancel your Cable/satelite/netflix and you'll have a lot more time to have fun.

    @Brandi: I love tiny firecrackers with big tatas. (I hope she reads that) As for the game, definitely play it, preferably with the most perverted/random people you know.

  11. Bieber was put on this earth to entertain us. It just so happened that he entertains us best by being the butt of many jokes. Im ok with that and Im pretty sure he is ok with that. *as he rolls in his money pit Scrooge McDuck style*

    As for my "endowments" (( . Y . ))


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