Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post Date Blinks: The doctor.

I'm a little tired today but I'm not going to complain. It isn't what you think.

The evening started out interesting. We had agreed that we would have a late dinner together around 8pm. This is fine by me because it would make sure I had time to get some shit done that needed to be done before I could go out.

We had been texting back and forth a bit all afternoon so I knew we were still on. At 630 she texted me telling me she was super hungry. I said I could probably make it out before eight if she wanted.

We ended up talking on the phone because texting to figure shit out takes way to long. I suggest a restaurant, no good she is craving a burger. (Bonus point) She is allergic to wheat gluten but wants a burger anyway. (another bonus point) She eventually suggests a Burger Restaurant, one she's been to and enjoyed. I hadn't been there but agreed anyway.

She then tells me it is going to take her 2.5 hours to get ready and arrive. That would put the date at 9:30.... No comment.

I sit down to watch Tuesday's episode of Sons of Anarchy. Which if you haven't watched I should smack you in the face with your own left foot. I get a call at 8. "I may have exaggerated a bit. I'm ready now." We agreed to meet up as soon as possible at the burger place.

I arrive and the burger restaurant was closed. It had an emergency closure for, as far as I could tell, a very messy reason.

We then decide to carpool to find another place to eat. We ended up going to Moxie's. I love Moxie's.

The actual date was fantastic. We had tonnes of fun just chatting to get to know each other and telling stories. Lot's of back and forth. Many laughs.

She informed me that I'm kinda different when I'm not drunk and look different without a mustache.

I inform her that Drunk NtH and Sober NtH are two slightly different models of the same car.

She said that she was pleasantly surprised. Drunk NtH is all about the fun and party, Sober NtH is a relatively normal person with a penchant for swearing and inappropriate jokes.

It was getting late so I decided that I had to go home and get some sleep. I drive her back to her car, I got out and walked her to her car (I parked a couple stalls away on purpose) I got a hug a kiss on the cheek and plans to go out again tonight, and probably Saturday.

I get in my car and head home.

I'm not even 2 minutes away and I look at my phone. There is a text message from the Doctor. "My car won't start"

I call her and tell her I'm on my way back. I get there and realize that my jumper cables are in my sisters car. Shit.

She calls AMA (kinda like AAA but Canadian). They quote her a 90 minute wait time, but probably shorter.

I offer to stay but she says no she'll be fine. I stayed anyway.

She was cold so we huddled/cuddled a little bit outside and I didn't mind the slightest.

Eventually though I started to get cold too so we sat in my FJ and waited where it was warm.

The guy shows up only 20 minutes later. Puts power to the battery and the car starts no problem. Then he tells us the battery wasn't dead.

One of the mysteries of the day I guess.

I get another hug and she says "I swear I didn't plan for this."

I say "It wouldn't matter if you did," then kissed her lightly on the lips.

I drive home, and after around the right amount of time, texted her "You make it home alright? I hope so because I had fun and kinda want to see you again."

She responds, "Yea I made it home in one piece. thanks for asking, and Ditto."

This is a pretty shitty recap of how awesome of a time I actually had.

I'm seeing her again tonight.

Later Days,

PS. She doesn't want 10 thousand babies. She may not want any at all. SCORE!!!

PPS. She doesn't Snowboard... I may have to fix that.


  1. Yay!! What a great date, Hero!! Good instincts on everything you did. Have fun tonight!!

  2. You can TEACH her how to snowboard! It's like teaching a girl to play pool, except you don't get you wrap your body around hers, and more bruises are involved.

    Glad you had a decent date. Cheers!

  3. You just made me bust out in a big goofy grin for you and your success =) Hope this continues to go well.

  4. Sounds like a great time. Glad that she seems like a nice girl and down to earth. Did you try and start her car at all or just take her on her word?If you didn't even try it...she totally did that on purpose! :) haha.

    I hope tonight is just as good if not better than last night.

  5. You're probably already on date 2, but I give you mad props for not playing stupid 3-day waiting games, etc. Well done. Hope you have another great time tonight.

  6. So NtH kind of turned into a knight in shining armor with protecting her during her car distress....well played on both of your parts. So glad that you had a lovely evening and that there are plans for more of the same...only better. Yahoo for you!


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