Saturday, November 5, 2011

I almost fucked it up.... already.

I was going to wait till the "My weekend Monday" post to summarize whats been happening in my life but I think that it would be a post that would be a little lengthy. 

I don't know if I mentioned this before but when I first met the Doctor she let me borrow her sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and because I am me and if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any. I broke them. 

I told her that I'd pay to replace them. 

So that is what we did Thursday after work. She met me at the mall and we went sun glass shopping. We also stopped to window shop along the way. We went into a hat store and made each other wear ridiculous hats. It was a lot of fun. We then went out for dinner and watched the hockey game. That's right she even likes hockey. 

As the Mall was closing we sat on a couch and cuddled for a minute. We had our first real kiss while being sober. 

Then we had another one, then another. Then we stopped because people were starting to stare. 

I invited her over to my place, promising to be a gentleman... mostly. 

She said yes and then she came over where we watched Robot Chicken and listened to some music while sucking on each others faces. It was awesome. 

Friday ... Token decides that since this is my Birthday weekend that I have to drink. I apparently had to drink. I had to drink a lot. 

We played battleship, you take a beer bottle cap and set it so it floats in the foam of a glass of beer and take turns putting drops of beer into the cap. Whoever sinks the cap has to drink the whole glass of beer. I lost a lot because Token cheats. 

We then go head towards Vino's place to go drink some more then head out to the bar. 

This was the first time I'd heard from Vino in almost a week and a half. I'm fine with just being friends with her.

Anyway there is this neat little thing I managed to forget about. It hadn't been an issue for a while so I thought it was gone. It wasn't. 

When I drink whiskey I turn into the Guy from Momento. I forget everything within minutes. Peoples names, gone before the conversation is ever over. This is what happened last night. 

I don't remember what happened last night. That isn't entirely true becuse there are flashes that I can remember. Like the Phone conversation I had with the Doctor at 2 am. I can't remember what it was about but I was drunk and talking. Two things that a girl that has only been on 2 dates with me shouldn't really have to deal with. 

Oh I also forgot to bring my keys with me so I was locked out of my apartment building till I could wake up my sister by hitting her window. 

Just so you know it is fucking cold here, there is snow on the ground. 

Anyway, I wake up this morning and look at my phone not a whole lot of hints as to what happened but there was a negatively toned text message from the Doctor. 

I'm pretty sure I've fucked it up at this point. I mean 2 dates in and she has to deal with Drunken NtH, while she was sober.

I text her a sincere apology and wait. I also text Token telling him that I didn't remember anything and he was going to have to fill me in. Bad News, he doesn't remember everything either. 

I am still waiting to hear from the Doctor.

"Come over and we'll talk." 

At this point I'm a mess of hungover and tired. I smell a little so I hop in the shower real quick and then drive over to her house. 

She looks at me and laughs at my bloodshot eyes but lets me in and lets me apologize. Then kisses me, and says that she doesn't like drunken NtH, and if getting as smashed as I was last night is something that happens a lot it isn't going to work. I let her know that, the state I was in last night. (I had to close one eye in order to read because my eyes weren't moving in sync) is a rare state and is generally why I usually hide on my birthday weekend. 

She makes me a smoothie and then we continue on with the day like we had planned. 

We went to the brand new science center here in town. Guess what. It sucked. There were 10 thousand children running around actively trying to destroy the exhibits and not letting  anyone really enjoy them. The place was packed and there were only really 2 exhibits and they sucked too. The Oil and gas one was kinda neat because well it's what I do.  

We had a fantastic time, but I'm pretty sure that it is only because we spent it together. 

She is coming over tonight after her evening with friends and then she is going to pamper me all day tomorrow for my birthday. 

I will tell you on Monday how it all goes down. 

Later Days, 


  1. Excellent save, Hero. You get MAD props. Proud of you!!
    But I may not remember that I said these things tomorrow since I have in fact been drinking whiskey myself tonight.

  2. Well I think the "almost" is the key here. I'm glad that she took it in stride and now you know what she will and won't tolerate. She seems like a really cool woman and I'm glad she didn't let one night of drunk NtH deter her from seeing where things go. I hope that your birthday is a great one! :)

  3. Since you (and I) suck at sober, this may be one of those times in life where you have to make a decision. Maybe she's worth not getting crazy-ass drunk for? Either way, I'm glad she cut you some slack. She sounds awesome. Totally worth making some adjustments for. Good luck!

  4. Drunk texting can be dangerous. I am glad it all worked out.

  5. Guy rule #1.

    When in doubt, apologize.

  6. What Lost said. Leading with the apology has been a tried & true method for centuries. Unless you mess up REALLY bad. Then it's the "maxing out your credit card on a room full of flowers" strategy. Good thing this wasn't in that category.

  7. Good save. I think there is actually an app for that to prevent calling people you are interested in after a certain time.

    Maybe they should make it with a breathalyzer!

  8. Drunken texting is highly dangerous!
    It happened to me last weekend. I was doing the apologising the next morning. It's not just men that get themselves into this sort of mess!

  9. ooooh, i'm so glad she gave you another chance. happy birthday hun! :)

  10. Good on you for apologizing sincerely and good on her for accepting it and giving you a pass with just a warning. That's a good sign. Now just don't fuck it up again because even the most patient chicks have their limits when it comes to that kind of avoidable bs. Glad you salvaged your day with her, I like her already.


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