Monday, November 14, 2011

My weekend Monday: 100 followers.

At some point over the weekend my followers reached 100. Thank you so much. I love you all, mostly because you make me feel better about myself without me having to insult you. So, thanks again.

I know I've been slacking on the whole regular posting thing, and my page views has told me as much so I'll try and do better. Who am I kidding? You'll get what I give you and you'll like it.

On to the regular theme for Monday. Recounting my drunken shenanigans.

Except I didn't get drunk. Not once. I feel weird about it.


Friday night the Doctor invited me out with some of her friends for Karaoke and pool. I only like one of those things. Two if you include the Doctor.

She wanted me to bring a friend/friends. Since I only have about 5 friends I can call on in a moments notice to come out, I ended up only bringing Vegas. If the doctor can handle Vegas she can handle all of my friends. Maybe not all at once but hey it's a start.

So Vegas and I head up to the bar where we are meeting everyone and low and behold. It is "almost" a dive bar, VLTs and all. (VLT stands for video lottery terminal, usually reserved for those with gambling issues that are too lazy/unable to drive to the casino) I have a healthy respect for dive bars; the service usually sucks, the food gives you a supreme need for pepto and the clientele usually is missing at least 1 tooth each, but you can usually get away with anything.

I was pleasantly surprised that the group of people we were meeting successfully took over a quarter of the bar so I was only left with pepto stomach and shitty service to worry about. The food was actually decent and the service well it was borderline too good. "I'm good. No, I don't need a drink. You just brought this one to me, I've literally had one sip. No, I won't drink faster I am driving tonight."

The venue aside the evening was alright. I didn't exactly get to know any of her friends. They are apparently shy. They were nerdy and incredibly awkward. I shouldn't have been surprised because, well, they all play DnD, which there is nothing wrong with. However, as the ability to imagine yourself as another character in another world increases, your ability to fully function and have normal social experiences in the real world decreases and some of these people must have been fantastic at DnD. (I'm looking at you guy with a cactus on your t-shirt that says "hug?")

Aside: Is it odd that I can tell if someone is going to be awkward by whether or not they are wearing sneakers out to a bar? And exactly how awkward by the brand?

It turned out that Vegas and I played pool and I tried to get some of her friends involved and succeeded in playing pool with a grand total of 2 of them. Not bad you might say. Well we probably played 20 games of pool and there were probably 10 of her friends there. I give myself an A+ for effort, but a lousy C- for actual success.


I took the doctor to the "Taboo: Naughty... but nice" show. I have never seen so many dildos (or is it dildi?) in one place before. I got to see a bunch of people experience BDSM for the first time. I saw chicks do burlesquersize and stripperobics. I saw body painting and a demonstration on how to pose for nude photos. There was a lot of phallic objects and not nearly enough naked boobies for my tastes but it was fun anyway.

I learned a lot about the Doctor. Stuff I'm not going to share. Stuff it!

We went out for dinner at "Loungeburger" it was decent. Expensive for what you get, but very tasty. I don't think I'll go back.

I dropped The Doc off at home and went and watched movies.


I woke up, played poker, ate dinner, watched movies, slept.


I'm still not entirely sure where me and The Doctor are headed. I get the feeling she is already gung ho for the long haul. She did introduce me as her "Man". The "what the fuck is this" talk hasn't happened yet. I'm not sure she wants to bring it up in fear of the answer. I don't want to bring it up because I don't know the answer. There are things that bug me about her that  I can't put my finger on and there are things that I love about her. Fuck dating is complicated, emotions are messy things. When this is over one way or the other I'm going to need an emotional sponge bath hose down.

Later Days,


  1. Sadly I was kidnapped to Edmonton so I couldn't enjoy the pool

  2. It sounds like she is good to go whether it's dive bar or BDSM demos, that is a pretty cool quality. But I get what you are saying about just not knowing for sure what you think. I'm kind of in the same boat. I too, will need an emotional hose down...if you are available. Oh and did you see that you made my BILF list last week??

  3. Holy Crap your saturday adventures sound awesome! I love those kind of parties!

    And don't worry too much about your C+ success rating. It really is the effort that counts there. And it sounds like you did a great job.

    So now I have a question for you. When is it ok to actually have that 'what the fuck is this' conversation in regards to where relationships are going?

  4. What a diverse weekend. Just let things play out with the Doctor and try not to over analyse things. Just have fun...which is seems like you guys are managing to do nicely.

    Congrats on the 100 followers! :)

  5. Come for the emotion, stay for the sponge bath.

    The two friends who played pool, did they have to roll a D20 every time they took a shot? Or were they wearing a +2 shirt of dexterity?

  6. my favorite part: when you make bad stereotyped jokes and yet, even as awkward as every one was, they still laughed. im glad i could be involved in the "testing" of people, i must say i can be pretty good at that.

  7. She introduced you as her "man"? Sounds pretty serious! And congrats on 100!


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