Monday, October 31, 2011

Hungover Monday: Halloween

I'm bringing back the Hungover Monday title just for today. If you have to ask why, you're not thinking.

So this weekend I wasn't planning on doing anything. I didn't buy into the big pub crawls that happen every year and from my own experience are a riot, but they cost a fortune. Instead this weekend I didn't really plan on doing anything. It worked out better than expected.

First off, Friday took way too long for me to get a beer. I picked Junior up from his job site on my way home from work. He wasn't finished so I ended up standing around waiting for 45 minutes while he finished up. Then the drive home, (fucking traffic) then a whole bunch of other running around and hurry up and wait type bullshit. I eventually got my first beer at 830. It was glorious.

This was just the beginning. We drank and played Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect. I don't know if anyone has played it but it was not meant for 4 single guys to drink and play. The suggestive moves that you have to do when dancing to Lady Gaga our really terrible and make for a whole hell of a lot of laughs.

We were playing at Token's place and his now ex girlfriend was being a whiny little bitch like she is and we had to leave at 11. We went back to Juniors and grabbed more beer which we then finished off very fast playing beeramid. If you've never played you've never properly got smashed. We ran out of beer relatively fast. Me and Token leave to go to a bar.

The first bar we went to "everyone" was dressed up in costume. We weren't, so we felt a little out of place. So we went to a pub.

While we were at the pub I got into a real fight with some guy who kinda sucked at fighting. He pushed me into the wall and threw 6 punches all of which were easily blocked and then he ran away. I sat back down and drank my beer. Apologized to the bouncers and continued my night.

However, my mini little adventure with the random shitty boxer inspired one of the girls sitting next to us, who happened to be dressed up as a boxer, that beating me up would be a great idea.

That is how we met the boxer, Hamburgler and some other girl dressed as something obscure that I didn't care about.

The beer was really starting to hit me fast at this point. I got to know the hamburgler. She was this cute red head. I have a thing for red heads I don't know why, but I like it and don't ever want to change. She was cool and a whole lot of fun.

As I'm getting more and more intoxicated (by the fucking second) I begin to realized that the girls are interested but there are three of them and only two of us. Que Mother Hen. Needless to say one boxer girl cock blocking us eventually pissed us off and we ditched them and went and got falafel. I love Falafel. I did get the hamburgler's number. Sorta anyway. I was drunk, my phone was dead and my pen to paper writing is rather terrible so the numbers I have written down could exist in some obscure system of mathmatics but if I really wanted to I could figure it out and call her. But from my fuzzy memory of how the night ended I don't think it would go over well. I think I swore a whole bunch and eventually told off the mother hen. Meh it was a fun evening anyway.

I awoke on Saturday and remembered that Token had invited me to go to a Halloween house party. I needed a costume. I ended up going as a cop.

Oh yea, the mustache is real!
(and oh so terrible)
The party was a riot. It is a small world because the host was somebody I went to high school with.

I met a girl that was dressed as this.

Doctor Girlfriend

She was a whole lot of fun and we eventually got to a good ratio of talking and kissing.

She was a little awkward about it in the morning because she was rather drunk and doesn't normally go around kissing strangers. I assured her that there was no worries and that drunken make out sessions are just that, but I'd still like to actually take her out and get to know her properly and all that jazz. She said that sounds like a good idea.

Sunday I wasn't as hung over as I thought I'd be but today. I'm tired, so very tired.

Anyway I'll keep you posted as to how the events unfold with the good Doctor.

Later Days,

PS. Vino never phoned like she said she was going to, but I predicted as much.


  1. Haha, seems like a good weekend worthy of bringing back the title.

    Can you explain this proper beeramid though? Have not played it before but sounds entertaining.

  2. Oh yeah! Random make outs are the best. I had a splendid one on Saturday night, I guess dressing in my old cheerleading uni + fishnets, hooker boots, and a whole bunch of vodka can make that happen.
    I'm interested to hear the follow up with your doctor'ish chic...she could be quality. If nothing else, at least you like kissing her.

  3. Redheads are awesome. Random drunken makeouts are great, especially when neither party regrets it. And your doctor girl sounds promising: she doesn't normally make out with strangers (but made an exception for you) and she's open to a proper date. Def. keep us posted with that.

    Oh, and I'm also interested in the rules of beeramid. I've never played it, either.

  4. Beeramid?

    Yep, you will need to explain that one.


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