Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Date Blinks: Vet.

As those of you that follow me on Twitter know I had a first date Saturday night. It went splendidly well.

First off I'll tell you a bit about her. She contacted me through POF. I have recently updated my profile and it seems to be working a bit better. I took out most of my about me and replaced it with a whole bunch of nothing really. I don't get it but it seems to be working. I've been contacted way more since I changed it. It reads like this: (the old one is here)

I'd like to think I'm a well rounded individual with normal aspirations, then I talk to other people and the goal of riding an armored unicorn into combat, wielding excalibur isn't as common as I thought. 

In actuality I'm a pretty normal guy just looking for love. If I find it awesome, if not I'll survive. I'd really like someone I can go snowboarding with this winter. I'm planning on riding a lot. Even if there is no romantic interest I'm always looking for people to go to the hill with.

Other than snowboarding, I like a good beer with good company.

Favorite quote: "In a universe so full of wonder and amazing things, humans have managed to invent boredom." Terry Pratchett. If you can name the character that said it you get bonus points.

If you're interested in getting to know me a little more feel free to send me a message.

So far the ladies seem to love the unicorn part. Apparently completely showing my random nature is better than full disclosure. Who knew? 

Anyway she contacted me, we had a couple messages back and forth of witty banter and getting to know each other a bit and I took the leap and asked her out, within hours of first contact. We met, and I was a little disappointed that her pictures didn't give the full nature of her voluptuous stature. I love a woman with curves though and as the night wore on I found that my first reaction was true. She is cute, super cute.

We had great conversation and found that we have some things in common. Not a whole lot though because for the last seven years of her life she has been focusing on school. Fair enough, I just hope that when she is done, ie next spring, that she may develop some more hobbies and the such that are in line with my own. Hard to say after just one date. She was intellectually stimulating as her education is completely different than mine so we ended up being able to chat for hours. Eventually though it was getting late so we finished up the date, I walked her to the car, we hugged and I asked her if I could see her again this week. We agreed on a movie night. She just needed to check her schedule to make sure it would work.

When I got home I had a text from her saying she had a great evening. Overall: I'd do it again. 

One thing though, I'm learning that my skills as a conversationalist may be skewing my sense of how successful the date is. I mean I can talk for hours to just about anyone. I may be over gratifying how successful the dates are based on something that I would succeed at regardless with whom I'm on the date with. I guess only time will tell. 

My question to the lady readers I have: "How successful would you rate a date where he makes you laugh, and time flies because of good conversation? Is there other key factors I'm not taking into account? (ie physical contact, as I'm not good at reading non-verbal cues.) 

Lastly an update on Chase. I have a date with her tonight. I have a feeling it isn't going to go anywhere; not on my account but on hers. Hopefully there is a bit more development here and that we don't just end up platonically dating. I have no idea how to progress the dating to be more intimate when I know she is adverse to mushy shit.

As always I appreciate the comments, they're my crystal meth. If you want to have a conversation feel free to tweet at me or send me a message on my facebook page. I will definitely respond.

Later Days,

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  1. I strongly believe that if intellectul stimulation and the fact that you may talk to one for hours both fail to fully satisfy you, because, as you've written, you may do it with pretty much everyone, you should to focus your attention on different matters concerning dating and getting to know your potential partner.
    What I enjoy doing most is observing reactions of the people I date to different stimuli that come along during our meetings. To do that though, it is crucial to be more creative when it comes to coming up with things to do on a date.
    It seems to me that you're choosing obvious places to go to. The main reason for that is that you clearly have the need to see whether someone is 'intellectually stimulating' and good to talk to, which is natural and quite reasonable. On the other hand though, maybe you should also try doing something more creative than that, to know whether you may be stimulated by them in a different way too. Stimulated to develop as a person, to fulfill your dreams and hence, feel better about yourself than you ever did :)


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