Friday, November 9, 2012

Holy Crap. Dating Machine!

Do I ever have a bit of things to talk about. I'll have even more after the weekend, which is why I think I should do this before it happens.

Let's start with Chase. The date we had on Monday was a bit more involved than the others before. As in we actually got out of the chairs for more than bathroom breaks. We played a bit of pool. That wasn't what made the date more interesting. No, instead I took a bolder step. Tonight I'm having my birthday party get together thing. I invited her. The conversation that followed was weird.

Chase: "I'll come, but what will you introduce me as?"

Me: "Whoa, putting me on the spot aren't you, I'll introduce you as Chase."

Chase: "but what if someone asks? Like I don't know if you ... I mean, what are we?"

Me: "We are dating."

Chase: "Well..."

Me: "Fine what would you want me to introduce you as?"

Chase: "I think we are friends that get together for drinks and dinner sometimes."

Me: "Well, I'd like to think we aren't in a relationship if that is what you're worried about, but I haven't written that off as a possibility. We are still getting to know each other, so dating; where we figure out if we are emotionally, romantically, or physically interested in each other."

Chase: "Well yea, I just don't like the term 'dating' I think it implies a certain ... I don't know."

Me: "So what are we? Seeing each other? Hanging out?, Dating?"

Chase: "I don't know..."

Me: "I'll just introduce you as Chase and if anyone asks what we are I'll say 'I don't know'. I have to go to the bathroom."

While in the bathroom it occurred to me that she may have been trying to "friendzone" me.

Me: "When you said you wanted me to introduce you as my friend were you trying to hint at that is all you want, friendship?"

Chase: "I... uhhh."

Me: "My turn to put you on the spot."

Chase: "No, that wasn't what I was hinting at, I just don't know. I didn't want things to be awkward."

So, the Chase saga continues and I still have no idea what the fuck she wants, whether it is friendship, mad passionate monkey sex or something in between. She did agree to come to my birthday. We'll see if she shows up.

Next, I went on a date with a new girl, lets call her Curls. We started chatting on Tuesday, I think, and we went out last night. It was a lot of fun, started out just as a basic coffee date and turned into dinner and drinks. We joked around, and I had another typical first date, where there was loads of conversation and laughs.

What made this kinda cool was that she was very forward with actually perusing a romantic relationship. After the date was over I get a text message from her regarding my profile. Where I hint at bonus points if they can guess the character that said my favorite quote. I'm pretty sure she cheated and Googled it but she demanded the points anyway. She asked what she could cash them in for. I told her a football ticket for Sunday. She said only if it came with a date and a kiss. Aww, how could I say no? So I now have another date with her on Sunday and I know I'm at least getting a kiss. Woot!

The Vet, contacted me a bit throughout the week and we have set up a date for tomorrow afternoon. It's the time of year that the Taboo sex show is in town. I went to it last year with the Doctor. It was a fantastic time and figure it would be a good way to transition to the more physical side of things. I suck at reading those cues and figure if the subject matter is right in front of me I might not miss them. Should be a good time.

However tonight, I think is going to be a telling point as to whether Chase and I are worth continuing on past this point or if we are going to be stuck in the platonic dating netherworld also known as the friendzone.

The Friendzone: It's like the twilight zone, but without the cool theme music or imaginative story lines. It features the "Dashboard confessional" as a soundtrack and it's only rated PG.

I'll be sure to tell you about my weekend. I may even live tweet parts of it. Follow me on twitter damn it.

Later Days,


  1. Not that you asked for my opinion, but it sure sounds to me like you're finding other women much more into dating you and potentially more than Chase is. As one who carried a torch and chased (no pun intended) a woman who just didn't want me it stands out when I see it. I obviously don't know, just offering an objective perspective. Sounds like you're having fun, cheers to ya!

  2. ::sigh:: Friend zone as the netherworld? Really?

    Friendzoning is bullshit because girls are not machines that you put Kindness Coins into until sex falls out.

    A little less objectification would probably go a long way. If a girl thinks you're going to drop her b/c she's not doling out with the sexy times, she's not going to bother risk being used.

    1. I don't understand. How is it bullshit?

      I said "...the platonic dating netherworld also known as the friendzone." and it is. I'm dating for emotional, intellectual, and physical intimacy. Anything short isn't what I'm looking for. I'm not saying I won't be her friend, but it is the dating netherworld. It's where romantic dating goes to die.

      I know women aren't kindness for sex machines. I don't think I've ever given that impression. If it were true I'm obviously doing it wrong.

      And I don't think moving on from someone that doesn't meet my needs is a bad thing. I like sex, wanting it isn't objectifying women.

      With Chase I'm trying to figure out if it is platonic or not. I'm fine with either.

  3. Just to add my two cents, in reading your blog, I've never gotten the impression you ever "expected" sex from your dates.


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