Monday, November 12, 2012

My weekend Monday: Last hurrah.

I had a decently phenomenal weekend.

Friday I had my birthday party and the saying "It's my birthday I can cry if I want to." was partly true. I had a decent amount of people that were supposed to show up. They RSVP'd and everything. They didn't show. I was drunk and a little distraught at this. When I say drunk, I mean, loser pissed. My friends did a fantastic job of feeding me enough booze. I ended up having a great time but I did throw a bit of a tantrum. Which I of course had to apologize for the next day.

Chase ended up coming and actually stayed for the whole evening. I was pleasantly surprised by this. She even texted me to tell her when I got home and that I made it home safe. I was already home and asleep by then but I appreciate the sentiment. The only downside was that the whole evening is a little fuzzy, so I have no idea how mine and Chase's relationship has progressed or knowing me when I'm drunk, regressed. I will figure that out later.

Saturday was a write off. The good/bad thing about it was the Vet cancelled our date. I ended up staying home in my PJ's all day and nursing about 30 water bottles. Went to bed super early and was glad for it. This was the second date that the Vet has cancelled on me so I'm beginning to think that it just isn't going to happen. C'est la vie.

Sunday, I woke up and got ready to go out with Curls. She is most definitely interested in me. The day was good. We spend the whole day together. We started with lunch where we sampled different kinds of beer and had pizza. After which we went to the football game and drank more beer. The game was good and we had a lot of fun. We shared our first kiss when the local team won the game. So much fun we didn't want the date to end. So we went out to a pub for some snacks and more beer and a lot more kisses.

Which made me uncomfortable, but I communicated it maturely. "I'm not a huge fan of PDA." Was received with a pout, then ignored as she kept asking for kisses. "sigh"

By the time we made it back to my place, where she parked her car, she was in no shape to drive home. I told her she could stay in my bed or on the couch. She opted for my bed. We cuddled, kissed and teased. In the end though, I rolled over and went to sleep. I did have to be up early this morning. She woke me up at 2 am to let me know she was hung over as fuck. I got her some water went back to sleep. This morning wasn't awkward at all, other then she was a little hung over and felt gross. Which is understandable.

Now onto the bad news. I'm going to go sober till spring. Not dry, but sober. I'm going to be focusing on snowboarding for the winter months and drinking is going to take away from that. Dating might as well, so we'll see how it goes dating women that don't snowboard. It is a huge sticking point for me, and not something I'm going to change.

Later Days,

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