Monday, April 23, 2012

My weekend Monday: Climbing.

This last weekend was filled with fun. Loads of it.

First off, Friday night Token and I went out and met up with the artist to dance the night away. Generally a good time, but the artist got too drunk and passed out on her couch and I ended up carrying her to her bed and passing out next to her.

Waking up Saturday morning sucked. I didn't sleep well and that was because I slept on a mac computer. I also have this thing where I'm always hot. Summer time is not exaclty a pleasant experience for me unless there is a cold beverage in my hand or I have a pool of water I can jump into. Friday evening I also made the mistake of drinking a decent large amount of bourbon. It was good, don't judge me. However, because of this I generated even more heat. It was not a good sleep.

Saturday I had made plans to do a picnic in the park with CLR. It was nice we had a decent time. I just don't know if there is a whole lot of chemistry there. I find myself hanging out with her when there is nothing else to do. Which makes me think that this isn't exactly headed for the happily ever after column. On top of the lack of chemistry she is younger and hasn't really figured out her life yet. Meh we'll see where it goes so far it is still a whole lot of fun.

I ended up spending Saturday night at the artist's place though. I think I could actually see myself with her if it wasn't for some fundamental issues. We have nothing in common except for partying, which I'm not planning on doing a whole lot of this summer. I'm going to be active and out of the city doing what I love to do. Hike and rock climb.

That is what I did Sunday it was awesome. I burnt my face though, you might be able to see it in the pictures.

Vegas learning to lead climb.

Vegas up close.
Me climbing up the cliff.

Vegas up top.

My view from the top.

Me anchored to the cliff face ready to rappel.

Me setting up an anchor.

I had a lot of fun climbing, the sad thing was none of the women I'm currently dating wanted to even come with me. Le sigh. I'll ride it out till they go their natural course, who knows maybe I'll be surprised.

Later Days,


  1. Your weekends exhaust me. I have got to stop worrying about writing and go live a little. I plan on not being around this weekend...spending it away from my computer and hanging at bars with friends. Yeah...I'm badass like that. syke. Until then I'm going to continue to live through your crazy weekends. :)

  2. Oooh climbing! I did A LOT of indoor climbing for 2 or 3 years while I was at University. I LOVED it. I've never had a chance to do lead outdoors though. That must be soo much fun.


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