Monday, April 2, 2012

My weekend Monday, Fool's weekend.

Firstly I'm back and with a vengeance. I actually will probably have stuff to write about from now on.

I blame the winter blues. I get it pretty bad living up here in the barren wastes of Canada. The only time I saw the sun for the majority of winter was either filtered through over cast skies or through the closed blinds of my office. Closed, because I can't work with a glare.

This weekend however saw me back to my usual self filled with shenanigans and the such.

Friday started as it usually does. Drinks at Token's place. Then we went to this rad bar on the main floor of his apartment building called the Pig and Duke. It is an awesome place. Named after a famous Scottish duke that also happened to be a womanizer. Sounds like the perfect place for me. They've got awesome food and even better beer. I've never had a bad time there.

Afterwards we wandered out to a night club where I drank more and met these two girls. Well to be honest Vegas found them and I joined as the wing man. Dancing and grinding with this rather large girl. Hey a wing-man has to do what a wing-man has to do. Meanwhile I convey to Vegas that he is going to owe me.

Sure enough the women decide that they want to switch. YAY ME!!! Poor Vegas.

Things went really well. I ended up making out on the dance floor with the cute little red head that was rocking a librarian look.

The bar closed and there were too many of us to fit into a cab. So Vegas, the girls and I get into one and head out for late night breakfast. Things are going well. Cuddling with the respective girls as they'd chosen. Poor Vegas.

Breakfast is over and now comes the awkward So what is the plan now, part of the evening. The girls invite us over to hang out for a bit but mention that there is only one bed where they were planning on going.

Good news was, this was a green light for some canoodling.

Vegas gets the idea to invite them over to his and Junior's place seeing as Junior was spending the night at his girlfriends place and we'd have the place to the four of us. They were all for it.

We arrive back at Vegas's place and THREE of us got out of the cab. The cute little red head that I was with the whole night decides that she will settle for a kiss and then go home. Poor Vegas. So the three of us, Vegas, the girl that Vegas was only keeping distracted so I could get the cute one,  and I are now at Vegas's place. I come up for a minute then quickly excuse myself and go home leaving Vegas alone with his "prize". Poor Vegas.

As far as I know he was a true gentleman and gave the girl exactly what she wanted. He didn't really want to talk about it.

This is an example of a dedicated wing man. Mind you the girl was pretty cool. Had fantastic tits and a pretty face. If she wasn't as voluptuous it wouldn't have been so bad.

Saturday, I arrived home at 6 am. I am supposed to go snowboarding with my sister. This didn't happen. Instead I went snowboarding on Sunday and as I'm writing this I'm waiting for my sister to put up some decent video of me riding. When I get it I'll post it.

Sunday was a glorious day on the hill. Waist deep powder and awesome weather.

It was a very good weekend.

Easter is coming however and should make for some good stories.

Later Days,

Ps. Even though I didn't get anything out of the Friday night wing-man partnership I'm aware that I owe Vegas a "Not discriminating friend"


  1. Awesome, Hero! Glad you're doing so well.

  2. Wingman of the month award goes to Vegas!

    Poor Vegas.

  3. I LOVE that SL song and was humming it as I read. Glad life is getting more entertaining for you.


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