Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WTFW: Valentine's Day

Well, as I'm sure you all knew it was coming. The Russian Saga is over.

After I wrote my last post about lying to her to not hang out with her I thought I'd give it one more shot.

Sunday we had already made arrangements to hang out after she was off work. She came over for dinner. We had our famous home made tacos. 

After dinner had quite the adventure making cheesecake. While the cake was cooking she wanted to cuddle and make sexy time. I was having a good time so twist my rubber arm, one thing led to another and yea. 

It wasn't any better. I don't get it. During foreplay she was engaging stimulating and exciting. The moment that I slid inside her she turned into a Patrick. (Spongebob squarepants reference) She didn't move. She didn't touch me. No hair pulling, no nails down the back just moaning and heavy breathing. 

Ladies, "Choke me, spank me, pull my hair" goes both ways. If I wanted to have sex with a wet hole I'd fuck a pocket pussy. 

I couldn't very well break up with her after another round of shitty sex. I don't know why, I just feel bad breaking up with someone while I pass them their clothes.

Before the sexy time had happened we had made arrangements to see each other yesterday. On V-day. 

I think I may be a masochist.

Anyway, the deal was that she was supposed to call me when she got home and I'd go pick her up. Well around 8 o'clock at night I get a text asking me to bring over the Cheesecake we baked and was settling in my fridge. 

Hmm, weird. Turns out she was expecting me to phone her when I was off work. Oh well communication error. Well if she was so interested in hanging out with me tonight why did she wait till 8 o'clock and then only ask for her cheesecake. 

It doesn't really matter. I drove over to her place handed the cheesecake to her and said "This isn't working is it?" She said "No" 

I said it was fun, and that I was glad I got to meet her. Turned walked back to my car and drove off into the sunset.

Actually, because I live in the sub arctic the sun was down and had been for a while. 

There were no tears, that I saw. I don't think there will be. After all it was only a month. 

It's over. It was good to date her. I learned a lot more about who I am and what I'm looking for. 

I just think I'm an asshole for calling it quits on Valentine's Day. 

Later Days,


  1. You're not an asshole. You gave her the cheesecake.

    If you kept the dessert AND broke it off on V-Day, yes. Your douchebaggery would become legend, and people would sing songs about you.

    This? This wasn't bad.

    ...hokay, moving on... to the next conquest!!!

    1. I did give her the cheesecake didn't I? I better get my fucking spring form pan back.

    2. Why didn't you transfer the cheesecake on a disposable plate?

      You're gonna have to see her again if you want it back.

  2. Mutual agreement is good. Better than dragging it out. Bummer about the cheesecake though.

  3. Not an asshole at all. It was bound to happen and she didn't seem all that surprised nor upset that it had. If you had waited for another day the end result doesn't change. It's a day, just like any other really, and you are not an asshole for not staying with somebody you aren't compatible with because it happens to be Valentine's Day when the opportunity to end it comes around. After all you needed to give it a second try prior to calling it quits. I'd be the first to call you a complete ass if you were...but you aren't.

  4. Sometimes things just don't -work-. It's better to move on and find someone who excites, motivates, and works with you. I separated with my husband after 6 years because we just stopped "working". At least it's over now for you. Bummer about the cheesecake though.

  5. I agree, it ended well as these things go, she got the cheesecake....delivered no less! That was a stand up move on your part. She better be classy and give you your springform back though,,, that would be a douchebag move on her part to keep it!

  6. You... you didn't stay and split the cheesecake? Dude. Priorities.


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