Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The End of Chase.

Oh hey there sexy people.

I have been away for a bit. I'm not even sorry. It's that time of year where everything is crazy super busy yet nothing really happens.

I've been snowboarding pretty much every weekend except the weekend of my company Christmas party. That weekend was pretty much a write off.

If you remember I had invited Chase to my company Christmas party. I had assumed at that point we were still "dating". However if you follow me on twitter you'd know that she put me in the friend-zone about 4 days before the party. This wasn't all that surprising considering the complete lack of intimacy that was going on between us. She felt the need to put that out there before the party though. Nice. I'd only told people at work that my plus one, was a girl I was dating. I told her to fuck off... just kidding. I, of course, still brought her to the Christmas party. We had a good time. She got really, really drunk. However, she wasn't the worst one by far. The chick that passed out in her own puke in the bathroom was probably the worst. Wait, it might have been the girl that puked the whole 45 minute limo ride home. Either way, Chase just got to the point she needed to pass out. Everyone from work really liked her. There was one awkward moment when someone was trying to convince me to ask Chase to be my Girlfriend. I just had to laugh and shake my head. "It isn't going to happen."

The night ended relatively simply, limo dropped Chase off at her place and me at mine. There was a bit of a problem the next day with a missing purse and picking up car from other side of town but that was to be expected.

This next part probably isn't going to earn me any new fans, but at least I'm honest.

I will, in all likelihood, never see Chase ever again.


Well, I don't have time for more friends. To be honest I rarely see the friends I already have. I'm OK with this. I'm busy, they are busy, but because we are friends we know this. We understand this, and we stay friends and see each other when we can.

Chase and I don't have mutual friends, don't have the same hobbies, and no real reason to hang out with each other except to enjoy each others company. I like her, but she isn't what I'm looking for (ie. a relationship). I'm not going to burn any bridges, no matter how pretty the flames would be. I'm just not going to put any effort into it. Let the bridge rot and decay over time and eventually get swept up in the river of time.

I guess it is completely back to the drawing board on the dating aspect, a clean slate if you will. January is a new month, a new year and may involve a new tactic or two for finding love.

It hasn't all been bad news. I'm making progress on the fitness front. I haven't lost any more weight since the last post, but I haven't put the weight back on. Which is awesome considering the time of year it is. I've instead managed to put on a bit of muscle and slim down at the same time. January I'll be kicking it into overdrive to co-inside with the relaunch of dating.

I'm thinking of posting progress pictures on here if people are interested. I know I'm fascinated by the changes people make. Let me know, some how or another whether you think this would be neat or if I'm just vain and think people care. I'll let you decide how to tell me.

As for this blog, through thorough analysis I've come to learn that my most viewed post is The one about Online Dating Profiles. Which I didn't really write as a How To. It was more a frustrated rant about one aspect on online dating but it seems to be getting loads and loads of traffic. The last two months have been my highest traffic months ever, and I haven't even posted anything. I may need to start brainstorming more rant style dating posts. Stay tuned.

I'll eventually figure out what I'm doing with this blog and with it my life but in the mean time. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, and a good Festivus for the Restofus.

Later Days,

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  1. Enjoy the holidays, Hero. I honestly wouldn't give Chase another thought. If it's not there it's not there, and I believe there is someone for all of us. I spent too much time chasing the wrong one, a young woman who didn't want to be with me and it turns out she was right, we weren't meant to be together. Keep on keepin' on


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