Friday, June 8, 2012

For Fuck's Sake Friday: I Quit.

I quit, that's right, I quit.

I'm finding that is taking up a ridiculous amount of my time. It is starting to hamper my relationships. Actually I don't know if starting is the right word. Since I've been doing it for so long the impact on my relationships is something I'm just starting to notice. So fuck it I'm going to try and give it up.

Hero are you quitting blogging? Are you never going to write again? I can hear the wailing of babes and the gnashing of teeth from hear. No sadly writing is not something I think I could ever give up completely.

No, it isn't blogging I'm quitting, it is porn. I watched this TEDtalk today about porn. Gary Wilson - The Great Porn Experiment. It opened my eyes about the possible negative effects porn may be having in my life.

In no way would I say that I am a porn addict. However there have been times that I'm browsing a dating site and get frustrated switch over to porn and end up not messaging any of the girls I thought might have been possible matches.

When it comes to dealing with online time spent I have to say most of my time on the net is spent firstly, reading articles or blogs, secondly, porn, thirdly, porn, then writing, then everything else. I'll have you know that Facebook isn't in my high ranking time spent category.

I'm hoping that out of this I'll actually have more drive to actually hit on women and will push me to actually form a lasting relationship or at least get me properly laid on a more regular basis. 

So yes, starting right now I'm quitting porn, unless of course I'm watching it with a nice young lady I'm fucking. 

I'll probably not let you know how the actual not watching porn aspect goes but hopefully there will be other results, which in turn, will result in more things to blog about.

Later days, 


  1. "So yes, starting right now I'm quitting porn, unless of course I'm watching it with a nice young lady I'm fucking."

    THIS is why I have a subscription to the Playboy channel. When my girl is in the mood or brings a friend home, it's a perfect way to get the fire started.

  2. Scary statistics. I wonder what will happen when the technology to do everything "virtually" comes along.

    I can see people just living in that world and not doing anything in real life.


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