Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kicking Ass and Taking Names.

These last couple weeks have been pretty intense. Nothing exciting however.

I've been trying for once to actually get back into shape. I am sick of being a little doughier than I like. I found a fantastic dieting company that cooks and delivers the food to your house. Yay, it's like eating out every meal like I was but slightly cheaper and way way more healthy.

I've been swimming to get my cardio better because I tried to go on a hike about 2 weeks ago and had to turn back not even an hour in because it was kicking my ass. I felt like mold.      We then went and did the responsible thing and went to the best micro brewery around and drank beer all afternoon. I know, probably didn't help with the whole out of shape thing.

I found a new app to help me do some weight lifting to put on muscle. It's called jefit. I love it. Who needs a personal trainer with this thing. I do have one problem though and this is probably why I am not a ripped massive body builder because I love lifting weights, endorphins are fantastic. The problem is I get sore. Not just regular sore, debilitating sore. Like after leg day I can't walk. I've been told it means I'm lifting too much weight but when I cut out the amount of weight I'm lifting I don't get a workout. I've been told it gets better as you work out more. I've yet to see it get better ever in my life. Then I was told I was missing something from my diet, but since I'm on a structured diet from a fitness company that shouldn't be the case either. It's my biggest problem when it comes to getting into a routine. If it takes me a week to recover from one day in the gym it's kind of hard to get into a rhythm.

So that pretty much takes up my days of the week. I've been trying to find a house to move into with Vegas and Token but alas we can't find anything. We aren't all the picky either but apparently things don't stay on the renters market for longer than a day. If you don't get it first you're fucker'd.

I went out last Friday and you'd never guess who I ran into. The same chick that had gotten me punched in the face. I tried to apologize for being an asshole but she was equally as unreasonable as she was before. I ended up just leaving that bar for a bit went to a different bar then came back and she was still looking at me like she wanted all the terrible things in the world to happen to me. I was later told by a guy that knew her that she was just legit style crazy. I still didn't like it. She wouldn't let me apologize again so I ended up just ignoring her. The night got to a point that I was drunker than I was comfortable with, which is something that never happens to me. I actually ended up stumbling home. I never stumble. Weird.

There you are all caught up on my life at the moment. Really exciting ya? I know, I feel like uber lame sauce.

Which actually gets me thinking. Why am I feeling out of sorts? Why am I not out and about doing stupid things and enjoying my last legs of summer? I have no fucking clue.

I may go out this weekend and do some remarkably stupid things just to see if it is still as fun as it used to be. I think that part of the problem is I can't find my set point for being drunk lately. I've been over shooting the mark by a whole fuck load. I may have to scale it back a bit and see how that goes.

Who knows if I really do manage to get into this fitness kick I may actually start going completely sober. I'm pretty sure everyone I know would die of shock if that were to happen but the look on their faces would be priceless.

Eventually I'd like to get to a happy enough place to start dating again. That would be nice.

Later Days,

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  1. It sounds as if you are entering what I like to call "dial back mode" which I fall into from time to find. It's good to step back, get yourself back into shape physically and mentally, and then get back to shenanigans.


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